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Sample Tunes - 1301-1400

(standard notation & abcs)

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Tunes for Buddy MacMaster

Buddy's Repertoire | Buddy MacMaster's Jig | Buddy MacMaster's Strathspey | Buddy's Detour | Compliments to Buddy MacMaster | My Friend Buddy | Buddy MacMaster's Favourite | Uncle Buddy's March | Buddy's Order of Canada | March to Buddy | Buddy MacMaster  

Tunes for Willie Kennedy

Willie Kennedy | Willie Kennedy's | Willie Kennedy's Strathspey 

Tunes for (and by) J. Francis MacDonald (Francis Rory Sis)

Cabot Street | Francis MacDonald's | Francis Rory Sis | John Alex "The Big Fiddler" | Mrs Mary MacInnis | Sarah Anne MacDonald | Jimmy Slade  

Tunes for and by Maynard MacKenzie

Remembering Maynard MacKenzie | The Pipefitter's Jig | Gordon MacLean's Piano 

The Cape Breton Highland Collection
James Scott Skinner's Welcome to Inverness | Glen Caladh Castle | Glendaurel Highlanders (Mrs. McArty, do you have a Daughter) | Alex Fs Pipe Reel | Arniston Castle Ashley's Pipe Reel |The Black Haired Maid | Col Stockwell | Erchless Castle | The Heights of Dargai | Ladies Delight |The Mackenzie Highlanders | The Prince of Wales | Red Fiddle | The Skye Boat Song | Struy Lodge | Willie Davie | Pipe Major Donald Maclean of Lewis |

Original 'Pipe' Tunes composed by P.S.C. while compiling the above book

Mairi's Welcome to Fort William (pipe gracings here) | Leanne Aucoin | Christian Gamauf | The Cape Breton Highlands | Maire Neville | Becca's Jig | The Blue Mist

Otis Tomas Tunes from his tunebook

Before The Storm | Nichoangelo's | The Divining Rod | Gordon's Hook| January Thaw | The Last Post On The Road | Little Fish Big Fish |Lizzie's Wedding | Millionaire's Cove | The Old Boar | The Old Papper | The Day After Yesterday

 Tunes selected from Buddy MacMaster DVD

 The Rosebud of Allendale | Miss Dale | 3 Mile Bridge | Sean Maguire's Reel | , Perrie Werrie | Dan R's Favourite | Sir David Davidson | Southern Melodies | Spey in Spate |Levantine's Barrel | John McNeil | The Trip to Mabou Ridge | Col McBain's Fancy | Little John's Hame | Saratoga Hornpipe

 Tunes for Jerry Jr. & Sara Holland's Wedding (July 5, 2014)

Sara and Jerry's Wedding Reel (Brenda Stubbert) | Sara and Jerry's Wedding

Strathspey (Paul Cranford)

Angus Grant - The Glengarry Collection Vol. 2 - Book DVD set

Moira MacLeod | Dougie MacRae | Aonghas Grant, Abertarff | The Shepherd's Crook | Pete Clark, Birnam | The Ewie with the Crooked Horn | Piper's Bonnet Jig | The Earl of Jura

Tunes selected from Cape Breton Island DVD

Trip to Mabou Ridge |Bandelena | Maggie Cameron | The Grey Buck |

  Various Addenda  (CBSC, CBFC, BS2)

Mrs. Ramsay of Barnton | Miss Mary Stewart Derculloch | Miss Dalrymple (jig) | Rod Alexander | Teresa Gallant's | Memere's Birthday|

Summer 2015 Newsletter

Kolten MacDonnell | Compliments to Liz Carroll | Donnie, Gelase and Andres Doryman Hornpipe | Iona Heights | Erin Martell's Reel

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