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Vol. 2
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Glengarry Vol. 1 here

 The Glengarry Collection Vol. 2:

The Highland Fiddle Music of Angus Grant

by Barbara McOwen, Laura Risk & Peggy Duesenberry

This is Angus Grant's 2nd collection of tunes, stories, history, and photographs from Scotland's influential contemporary highland fiddler. Similar in size an format to the first well received production, this one includes completely different repertoire.

You will find a good mix of all the common Scottish tunes types with emphasis on pipe tunes, slow airs and original music.

Sample tunes/page layouts below

Includes a DVD which includes Grant's performances of nearly half the tunes in the book.



Angus at home c. 2007

Sample Tunes (Scans of Page Layouts)

Slow Air - Moria Macleod by Aonghas Grant (with 2nd fiddle part)

Gaelic Air - The Earl of Jura

Pipe March - Dougie MacRae by Aonghas Grant

6/8 Pipe March - Aonghas Grant, Abertarff, by Hugh MacNally

Pipe Strathspey - The Shepherd's Crook

Reel - Pete Clark, Birnam, by Aonghas Grant

Strathspey - The Ewie with the Crooked Horn (G major setting)

Jig - The Piper's Bonnet

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