This tune was a favourite of the late Buddy MacMaster where it is footnoteed as follows:
A great tune for developing bowing technique. For variation most traditional fiddlers will spontaneously substitute, add, or delete doublings, triplings (aka: trebles) or double cutting (aka: quadruplets or "cuttings") to quarter notes (quavers) within an otherwise memorized and intuitive melody. This march uses some of those techniques as part of its melodic structure. Composed in the early 20th century by Scottish fiddler Alexander "Battan" Grant, a violinist who led the Highland Strathspey and Reel Society in Inverness town from 1903-1942. His march was a favourite of the late Buddy MacMaster who recorded it with the above title and often taught it when he gave workshops (see Buddy MacMaster, the DVD). According to a 1909 concert program the tune was sometimes called The Strathspey King's Welcome to Inverness.

i. Buddy MacMaster, The Glencoe Hall, CD, c. 1992.

From The Cape Breton Highland Collection

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