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J. Francis MacDonald (1932-2014) was a fiddler, piper, storyteller, artist, singer and composer.

As a piper with the Black Watch, he played at the World Fair in Seattle, on The Ed Sullivan Show, for The Royal Family and for US President JF Kennedy.

As a fiddler he performed at countless house parties, concerts and dances and was a successful teacher.

In the '90s he recorded a fiddle instructional video, and in 2006, he and his son Roddie released Margaree Melodies, a book consisting of both original and traditional fiddle music. There were about 80 tunes in this book. Currently revisions are on hold following Francis' passing.

Sample tunes from the book

Cabot Street | Francis Rory Sis | John Alex "The Big Fiddler" | Mrs Mary MacInnis | Sarah Anne MacDonald | Willie Kennedy's |

addenda - Jimmy Slade (jig)

G minor jig composed for Francis. (orignally published in Dan Hughie MacEachern's 1st book

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