This is Otis Tomas' current written collection of original music. An ever-changing compilation of tunes, it consists of approximately 150 original tunes kept in his present repertoire. The book presents Otis' music complete with his chord choices.

Otis has recorded about 50 of these melodies on his CD projects

Another 20 or so of the tunes in this collection have been played or recorded by various groups and musicians including Jerry Holland, Brenda Stubbert, Touchstone, Solas, Nuala Kennedy, The Barra MacNeils, Rocky Shore, Maire O'Keeffe, Lisa MacArthur etc. Soundclips of some of these artists are given adjacent to written notation linked to below.

Small softcover book $15

Tune Samples - Notation with Mp3s

Before The Storm | Nichoangelo's | The Divining Rod | Gordon's Hook|

January Thaw | The Last Post On The Road | Little Fish Big Fish |

Lizzie's Wedding | Millionaire's Cove | The Old Boar | The Old Papper |

The Day After Yesterday


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