Kenneth and Angus MacKenzie - Piob is Fidheall


Kenneth and Angus MacKenzie

Kenneth lives in Mabou, Cape Breton and plays highland pipes, border pipes and fiddle. Angus lives in Scotland and plays pipes and whistles with both Daimh and Seudan

"Piob Is Fidheal" (Pipes & Fiddle) is the first recording by these two brothers.

Titles below

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Backstreet (a reel by Kinnon Beaton)


Captain Carswell

Campbelltown Loch (see the Bodachan)


Doctor MacInnes's


MacIsaac Wedding


The Hills of Perth


Miss Katie Ness of Kinnyside


Lord Elcho


Paddy Currie's Favourite


Siobhan O'Donnell's (aka Reel of Sceachog)


Stormy Hill


The Skylark's Ascension



Piob is Fidheall

links to select books and/or transcriptions/soundclips

1) Captain Carswell (William Laurie) -- march
Angus Ronald Beaton(Donald Agus Beaton) -- strathspey
MacIsaac Wedding (Jamie MacInnis)
Backstreet Reel by Kinnon Beaton --- reels

2) The Skylark's Ascension
Ceannguilla --- jigs

3) Lord Echo -- air
The Burnt Leg
The Judique Consolidated High School Grads
Port Mairi Nighean Alasdair Raghnaill

4) Highlander's Farewell to Ireland - Fiddling After One Hundred - Pretty Marion - Tie the Bonnet - Sandy MacIntyre's Trip to Boston

5) Laoidh Chaluim Chille - Julia Delaney - Oogly Googly - The Bush Administration

6) O'er Bogie - slow reel
The Air Tune (by Liz Carroll) hornpipe

7) The Hills of Perth (aka - Donnie MacQueen's) - march
Miss Katie Ness of Kinnyside (R. Meldrum)
More Rum For the Piper
Paddy Currie's Favourite - reels

8) Campbeltown Loch (aka - See the Bodachan)
Portree Bay (J. MacKenzie)
Stormy Hill (by Angus MacKenzie)

9) Mick O'Connor's - The Reel of Rio - Mutt's Favourite - Siobhan O'Donnell's (aka Reel of Sceachog

10) Tuireadh Bard Thurnaig
Stormont Lads
Over the Moor to Maggie
The Merry Lads
Jean MacNeil by Robert Stubbert

11) Moladh Maureen NicCoinnich

12) Dr. MacInnes's Fancy, hornpipe (Donald MacLeod)
The Contradiction (arranged by Gordon Duncan)

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