Brenda Stubbert The 2nd Collection

Volume 6 of the Cape Breton Musical Heritage Series

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This long awaited book contains 161 tunes, a mix of traditional and original material carefully compiled to complement other books we sell. Includes chords. Available on its own, or as a book-CD bundle with customer's choice of CD

In addition to 60 tunes composed by Brenda herself this totally new book contains her settings of both classic and recent tunes from the Irish, Scottish and Cape Breton traditions.

For complete tune listing/index go here. Examples of well known tunes include:

Paddy on the Turnpike, Hanley's Tweed (by Paddy O'Brien), The Weasel (by John Morris Rankin), Miss Ann McCormack (by Dan R. MacDonald), The High Drive (by Gordon Duncan), King George the Vth, Miss Susan Cooper (by Ronnie Cooper), Cameron Chisholm's Strathspey (by Maybelle Chisholm, Nighean Donn (a pipe reel), Calliope House (by Dave Richardson), Sally Gardens, Lonesome Eyes (by Jerry Holland) The Rosbud of Allenvale (J.Scott Skinner , The Bonniest Lass in all the World... etc. etc.

A sampling of some Brenda's more popular compositions found in this book include

Addenda / corrections -

Rod Alexander's Reel by Father Angus Morris (given as a traditional reel (Visits with Arthur Muise).
Portee Bay - a 4 turn setting

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