John Campbell (1929-2010) A Cape Breton Legacy
by George Ruckert


 This new book of 350 tunes contains all of John's 59 original compositions plus nearly 300 traditional tunes as played by John (He learned many of these from his father, the late Dan J. Campbell. Dan J. was a highly influential 78 recording artist.). Over the years, in addition to recordings by famous artists such as Natalie MacMaster, John's music has often been featured in the repertoire of The Cape Breton Fiddlers' Association. (note - in anticipation of John's book none of his compositions were included in The Cape Breton Fiddlers Collection).

Known as a lively dance fiddler his most famous tune is undoubtedly Sandy MacIntrye's Trip to Boston. Over his long career John has made six albums. A few years back an anthology CD from those albums, John Campbell, Cape Breton Violin Music was issued from Rounder Records. That CD is available separately or bundled with the book (all of the tunes on that CD are notated in the book).

Originally from Glenora Falls, Inverness County many of John's tunes are Cape Breton favourites. Note that with the exception of Sandy MacIntyre's Trip to Boston none of these 65 original tunes have previously been published in book form.

The book is carefully typeset with historical introduction, photos and a compete index.

Sample tune (scan - 72 dpi jpg)

Sandy MacIntrye's Trip to Boston

Harbourview Jig

Pauline Bissonette (from BuddyMacMaster’s recording)

........ Softcover book. Published by Mel Bay.

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