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Sample Tunes - 1401-1500

(standard notation & abcs)

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  Various Addenda 
Pipe tunes
revisited settings from previous books

| Portee Bay | Oh But Ye be Merry |The Stewart's Rant

The Marchioness of Tullybardine | Kilcoy Castle

Tunes for Cheticamp
In memory of fiddlers
Joe Cormier, Arthur Muise and Marc Boudreau

Southwest Bridge | The Earl of Seafield's Reel

March for Arthur | Tunes with Arthur | The Paramedic

The Cheticamp Reel | Arthur's Visit to Point Cross | JP's Reel

The MacDonald's March | Dan Cormier | Missing Marc

Arthur Muise (reel)| Arthur Muise (jig) | Johnnes Sturm

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The New Digital Edition of
The Alexander Walker Collection

Over 20 sample tunes and histories given as individual PDFs
(the digital edition will be one large pdf with integrated links /index etc.)

Introduction by Peter Duffus


The Free Gardener | The Banks of Avon

Castle Newe | The Bridge of Bucket

Isla Side Lasses | Lads of Tarland

Lady Augusta Gordon Lennox | The Earl of Seafield

Lady Forbes of Newe | Lonach Hall

March to the Rendezvous | Marchoness of Townshend

Marr Lodge | Mayen House

Mill of Newe | The Willow Hornpipe

Royal Aberdeeenshire Highlanders | Mr. Barclay

Sir James M. Edingight | The Sporran Mullach

Tweedside Lasses | We'll Aye Gang Back to Yon Town

Tunes related to May 2016 Newsletter

The Green Fields of Glentown | Cameron Chisholm's Pipe Tune

Fiddle and Box | Feis West's Compliments to Shelly Campbell

Glenbuchat Heritage

 Various Addenda

Visits With Joe MacLean | Mrs Ross's Reel (Marshall)

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