In the early 1990s I typeset and republished Alexander Walker's 1866 collection of original fiddle tunes. In recent months I've been immersed in Walker's music again and the above strathspey reflects his music.

I wrote the tune in appreciation for for Peter Duffus, a retired GP who for 40 years has had a cottage in Glenbuchat, Strathdon, Aberdeenshire - the area where, in the mid 19th century, Scottish fiddler-composer Alexander Walker lived and played his music. Originally Gaelic, over the centuries, as local accents became anglicized, pronunciation became 'Glen-Bucket'.

Now retired from medicine, Peter is a contributor to the Glenbuchat Heritage Archive online. He generously spent an entire winter researching the history behind Walker's life and tune titles. With his help, a new digital edition of The Alexander Walker Collection will include history, photos, engravings, artwork, poetry and more. That download should be available some time late summer or fall 2016.

Samples of the music and new digital content is posted here.


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