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Back in 1996, this was Ashley's conservative response to his controvesial 1994, Hi, How are you Today CD.

On this lovely CD Ashley plays traditional tunes with fiery passion.

Most tracks pay hommage to a specific player of the last generation -- Buddy MacMaster, Joe MacLean, Angus Chisholm, John Campbell, Donald Angus Beaton, Thesesa MacLellan etc.

Titles below

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Braes of Elchies


An Old Style John Campbell Reel


Harbourview Jig


MacLaine of Loch Buie


Fields of Bannockburn


Jenny's Dream


Rosebud Of Allenvale


King George V

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Fine Thank You Very Much

links to select books and/or transcriptions/soundclips

  1. Rosebud Of Allenvale (J. Scott Skinner) / Miller Of Drone (Nathaniel Gow)/ Dusky Meadow / Neil R. MacDonald (Dan R. MacDonald) / Maggie Cameron / MacLaine Of Loch Buie / Rod Alexander's Reel (Father Angus Morris) / Barry's Trip To Paris (Jerry Holland)
  2. Braes Of Elchies / Miss Anderson / New York Jig (Alex MacEachern) / Rothiemurchus Rant / Culloden Well (Wm. Morrison) / Lady Loudon (Wm. Gow) / Bonnie Lass Of Fisherrow (Daniel Dow) / Bird's Nest / Argyle Bowling Green
  3. Moonlight / Hennessey's Hornpipe / Gin I Had A Bonnie Lass
  4. Traditional Strathspey / New Bedford Reel / Pretty Peggy
  5. Wilfred's Fiddle (Dan R. MacDonald) /The Harbourview Jig (John Campbell)
  6. Athole Cummers / Flora MacDonald / Prince Charlie
  7. Lord Rothes /The Field of Bannockburn/ Braes Of Tullymet / Tullochgorum / Paresis / Paddy On The Turnpike / East Neuk Of Fife / West Mabou Reel
  8. King George V / King George IV / Old King's Reel / King's Reel / Traditional Reel
  9. Tam Bain's Lum / The Ladies' Hornpipe
  10. Space Available (Marcel Doucet) / Buddy MacMaster's Strathspey (D. A. Beaton) / Joys Of Mabou Mines (D. A. Beaton) / '38 Ford (D. A. Beaton) / Passion Flower
  11. Traditional Jig / An Old Style John Campbell Reel in D
  12. Allowa Kirk (Jos. Lowe) / Traditional Strathspey / Jenny's Dream / Douglas' Favourite
  13. Jerry's Beaver Hat / Catherine MacIsaac's Wedding Day (J.D Kennedy) / Long Point

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