Ashley MacIsaac

Ashley MacIsaac fiddle
Dave MacIsaac guitar

Fine Thank You Very Much | Close to the Floor

Fiddle Music 101
MacIsaac & MacIsaac.

Recorded in an afternoon with no rehearsal or overdubs, this exciting and spontaneous CD gives us glimpses of an inspired Ashley playing with one of the music's most sensitive accompanists.

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Trips with David (Jerry Holland)


Sister Dolena Beaton

Mackinnon's Marching Tune


Bonnie Strathmore

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1. MacKinnon's Marching Tune

  • MacKinnon's March
  • Calum Breugach, strathspey
  • Christy Campbell, strathspey
  • Neil R MacDonald, strathspey (Dan R. MacDonald)
  • John of Badenyon (# 1 Wedding Reel)
  • Hamish the Carpenter (# 3 Wedding Reel)
  • Wissahickon Dr., reel (Liz Carroll)
  • Put me in the Big Chest (# 3 Wedding Reel)

2. The Christmas Carousing

  • Christmas Carousing (pipe reel)
  • Let's have a Ceildhe
  • Listen to The Mocking Bird

3. The Beauties of the Ballroom (jigs)

4. Big John MacNeil

John MacNeil (Peter Milne)

The Miller's Reel

5. Tunes in F

  • The Highland of Banffshire, strathspey
  • Trips With David, strathspey (Jerry Holland) composed for Dave MacIsaac
  • Sister Dolena Beaton (Howie MacDonald)
  • Reichwall Forest (Dan R. MacDonald)

6. Maxim's Waltz (Ashley MacIsaac)

7. Tunes in A

  • The Bog of Gight, strathspey (W. Marshall)
  • Ann MacNamara, strathspey (Dan R. MacDonald)
  • Trad. Strathspey
  • The Hurricane (J. Scott Skinner)
  • The Contradiction
  • The Flail
  • Dan J. Campbell's Reel (John Campbell)

8. Jigs in A

  • Trad. Jig
  • Mid Lothian Pipe Band (6/8 pipe march)
  • Ann MacFarlane's Favourite (Dan. R. MacDonald)

9. Jigs in D

  • Fragment
  • The Golden Rod Jig (Wilfred Gillis)
  • Catherine MacIsaac's Wedding Day (J.D. Kennedy)

10. Reels

  • Tarbolton Lodge
  • Molly McGuire
  • Charlie Hardie
  • Prince Charlie's

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