Cape Breton style fiddle tunes
All composed by three genrations of fiddlers from one family
Kinnon, Donald Angus and Andrea Beaton

Some of these tunes can be heard on

Andrea Beaton

License to Drive 'Er

Andrea Beaton


Kinnon Beaton

Eoghan Dubh

Kinnon Beaton


Kinnon & Andrea Beaton


Donald Angus Beaton

Live at the House



The Beaton Collection is a compilation assembled by Mabou fiddler Kinnon Beaton. It contains:

  • 50 Tunes by Donald Angus Beaton (his father)
  • Music by Kinnon (over 500 tunes)
  • by daughter Andrea (15 tunes).

BC-b ........ Softcover, now spiral bound

  OUT OF Print


Sample Tunes - Notation & MP3s

Sample Tunes MP3s
Joan Beaton's, Judique Consolidated
(2 reels played and written by Kinnon)

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