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The Beaton Family of Mabou

A new CD from the extended Beaton family includes strong performances by fiddlers Kinnon & Andrea Beaton as well as by Glenn Graham and Rodney MacDonald. Betty Lou Beaton plays a piano solo as well. Also included is one archival track of Donald Angus Beaton from the 1960s.

The tunes are a mix of old favourites and new compositions ... something for everyone.

Lucy Campbell & Elizabeth's Big Coat (performed by Donad Angus Beaton)


Burt Feintuch - (jig by Kinnon Beaton)


The Stone Frigate - pipe reel by P.M. Kerrigan


The Maid of Islay - traditional strathspey


Todd Graham's reel - D minor reel by Glenn Graham


March Sarabande


White Lightning (E minor reel by Rodney MacDonald)


Gordon's trip to Sydney (jig by Dan R. MacDonald)


Lady Dorthea Stewart, Glasgow Gaelic Club (pipe jigs)


Farewell Friend


15 of the tunes on this CD can be downloaded as a single ABC File.

Note: the midi files above were generated from the abcs.

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Cape Breton Fiddle and Piano Music:
The Beaton Family of Mabou

1. Strathspeys and reels in D - Andrea Beaton

Thomas MacDonnell's Strathspey / Traditional Strathspey / My Great Friend John Morris Rankin / Maire O´Keeffe Reel / Francis Beaton´s Reel

2. jigs in G - Kinnon Beaton

Quickstep / Gordon´s Trip to Sidney / The Garden Wall

3. March, strathspeys and reels - Kinnon and Andrea Beaton

Bandelena March / Ben Lomond Strathspey / Gabe Arsenault´s Reel / Eoghan Dhu Reel / Tullamore Piper Hornpipe (Levintine's Barrel) / Traditional Reel

4. March, strathspey and reels - Glenn Graham

Mary Ann MacDougall's / Yester House Strathspey / MacKinnon´s Other Rant / Beaton´s Delight Reel / Joey Beaton´s Reel / Tamarack ´er Down

5. Strathspey and reels - Rodney MacDonald

The Haughs of Cromdale / Johnny Sullivan / Malcolm Finlay´s Reel / White Lightening

6. March, strathspey and reels - Kinnon, Andrea, Glenn and Rodney

Sandy MacIntyre's March / Because He Was A Bonnie Lad / Editor´s Favorite Strathspey / Willy MacKenzie´s Reel / Joan Beaton´s Reel / Sandy MacInnis Reel

7. Jigs - Rodney MacDonald

Glenn Graham's Jig / Teviot Bridge / Piper´s Jig

8. Betty Beaton - solo piano

Coilsfield House / Farewell Friend March / Fraser´s Jig

9. Strathspey and reels in C - Kinnon Beaton

The Brig O' Balater Strathspey / Fife Hunt Reel / Traditional Reel / Mrs. Ronald MacDonald´s Reel

10. Reels - Glenn and Rodney

Do' igean Bachd / The Night the Goats Came Home / Carl Beaton´s Reel / Michael Rankin´s Reel

11. Air, march, strathspey and reels - Kinnon Beaton

A Joan Boes Tune / Erchless Castle March / Donald Angus Beaton´s Strathspey / General Stewart

12. Strathspeys and reels - Donald Angus Beaton

The Maids of Islay / Lucy Campbell / Elizabeth´s Big Coat / Old Time Wedding Reel # 1 (John of Badenyon) / MacKinnon´s Other Rant / Old Time Wedding Reel (Hamish the Carpenter)

13. Strathspeys and reels in D - Glenn Graham

Back to the Change House Strathspey / The Beaton Family Recording Strathspey / Todd Graham´s Reel / Port St. Lucie Reel / Totar´s Hornpipe / The Stone Frigate

14. March, strathspeys and reels - Andrea Beaton

Andrea Beaton´s March / The Laird O´ Thrums Strathspey / Hoch Hey Johnny Lad / Sir Reginald MacDonald Reel / Traditional Laddie Reeel / Traditional Reel

15. Pipe jigs - Kinnon Beaton

Lady Dorthea Stewart Murray / The Glasgow Gaelic Club / Burt Feintuch

16. Strathspeys and reels - key G - Kinnon, Andrea, Glenn and Rodney

Stumpie / Duke of Gordon Strathspey / West Mabou Reel / Joys of Mabou Mines Reel / Anna Mae´s Reel

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