Kinnon & Betty Beaton
Cape Breton Fiddle Compiliation

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Kinnon also has two books, The Beaton Collection & 100 FiddleTunes

Fourteen medleys, a good mix of old and new tunes performed by one of Cape Breton's busiest dance players and most prolific composers. Selected from three LPs recorded between 1982-89.


Sample tunes
Music notation as a single
ABC file

North Sydney Bar

Miss Susan Elliot

Traditional Reel

Dusty Bob

Traditional Jig

Joan Beaton's Reel

The Thunderbolt

Leaving Lochalish

Blair Drummond

The New Rigged Ship

Donnie LeBlanc

The Banks of Locheil

Memories of Donald Angus Beaton

Other - CDs by the Beatons

ANDREA - The Tap Session - License to Drive 'er - Cuts
The Beaton Family - Donald Angus
Kinnon -
Eoghan Dubh


Other Recordings | Music Notation and abc samples

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