Sound Clip comes from Jerry Holland and Friends where it was played as part of the following medley:
Carmel Mahoney Mulhaire (Martin Mulhaire /Mulhaire Music, BMI) / Lucy Campbell (tradtional) / The Honourable Mrs. Graham of Balgowan (Daniel Dow, PD)  
The Honourable Mrs. Graham of Balgowan is a famous 18th century Scottish reel composed by the same person who composed The Bonnie Lass of Fisherow (Irish setting = Bonnie Kate), Money Musk, and Bonnie Annie (Irish setting = Follow me Down to Carlow).

This reel was republished in the Athole Collection, in Cape Breton, the original 4 part reel setting was popularized by a 78 recording by Donald MacLellan and later on an LP by pianist Doug MacPhee.

Above notation above comes from Jerry Holland, The Second Collection

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