Tom Anderson (1910-91) was the Shetland Islands most influential fiddle composer and this is his most famous tune. In Cape Breton, Da Slockit Light was first recorded by Buddy MacMaster on Judique on the Floor. Another Anderson air, Lament for Prophet was popularized by Ashley MacIsaac. Other Anderson originals are published in two collections published by The Hardie Press The Tom Anderson Collection Vol. 1 & Vol. 2

Contrary to the common belief that the title refers to a Lighthouse, according to Geoff Wright in Shetland the word slockit has a different connotation (posted on

"I remember a tale of where the tune came from, that Tom had driven out into the country at night and could see his village in the distance. Feeling sad after the death of his wife, he stopped and watched the lights going out one by one, and thinking that there weren't as many lights as there used to be in his youth as people were leaving the Island."


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