Buddy MacMaster

Judique on the Floor

This is Buddy MacMaster's, ever-popular, first recording. The repertoire is diverse yet the style is unmistakably Cape Breton.

CD track listing

Piano accompaniment:

John Morris Rankin
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Memories of Paddy LeBlanc


Swinging on Home


The Marquis of Huntly's Reel


Da Slockit Light


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Track Listing:

Golden Rod - The New Stove - Irene's jigs

Da Slockit Light, slow air - Glen Caladh Castle march - The Lasses of Stewarton reel

Memories of Paddy LeBlanc march - Lord Alexander Gordon, strathspey - The Marquis of Huntly & Haud Er Guan reels

Kenloch - The Strathlorne - Spin N' Glow jigs

King George the Fourth & Old King George strathspeys - Old King's - King's - Old Tradition reels

Oban and Lorn Society march - The Devil in the Kitchen & Miss Drummond of Perth strathspeys - Two Traditional reels

Don't Be Teasing - Richard Brennan's - Bonny Lea Rig jigs

P.M. Jim Christie of Wick march - Miss Catrina Gillis strathspey - Coire An Lochan & Andy Renwick's Ferret reels

Jackson's Trip To Augrim - Tripping Up Stairs - Tar Road To Sligo - Swinging On Home jigs

R.P. Cummings march - Christie Campbell & Traditional strathspeys - Two traditional reels - The MacKintosh of MacKintosh reel

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