In 1963, Scottish songwriter Jim Maclean wrote a song about The Battle of Glencoe using an earlier melody. The original was a 6/8 march with three turns. The first and third were used for Jim's song.

The above setting comes Theresa MacLellan. It is diffcult to know whether she arranged it from the song, from the pipe music or a combination of both. Regardless, today amongst Cape Breton fiddlers it circulates as The Battle of Glencoe.

In the piping world, the composer, Farquhar Beaton is remembered as one of the first to arrange harmonies (2nds) for pipe bands. In approximately 1900, Beaton immgrated to Canada to lead The 48th Highlanders, a military pipe band in Toronto. His most famous tune remains The Midlothian Pipe Band a 6/8 march given in David Glen's 1883 tutor.

Ingonish fiddler Joe Doucette recorded it as above on his CD Fiddlin' Around Down North. Joe learned it from a recording of Theresa MacLellan.

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