Joe Doucette
Fiddling Around Down North


Joe Doucette is a fine dance player from Ingonish. On this his first recording, he is accompanied by Brenda Stubbert (piano) and Paul MacDonald (guitar). On a couple of cuts Jerry Holland joins in as 2nd fiddle Tune listing.


Sample tunes (music notation & MP3s)

Tune Listing:

Fiddling Around Down North by Joe Doucette
  1. Garmont Smiddies (Dan R. MacDonald), Mrs. Rattray, Pretty Peggy
  2. Space Available (Marcel Doucet), My Ain Kind Dearie, Green Grow the Rashes, Sheehan's Reel
  3. Clara's Jig (Joe Doucette), Clay's Jig (Joe Doucette), The Orange and the Blue
  4. The Headlands (Ronald Cooper), Compliments to Brenda Stubbert (Joe Doucette), Memories of Hughena Ratchford (Brenda Stubbert), Sir Reginald MacDonald's, Miss Shepherd's (J. Scott Skinner)
  5. James Cameron's (Jerry Holland) The Auld Wife Ayont the Fire, Alex Nicholson's (Joe Doucette) Howie MacDonald's (Donnie Leblanc)
  6. To Daunt Me, Glenora Reel (John Campbell) Charlie's Bother, Traditional - reel
  7. Mary Jessie Gillis (Paul Cranford) Hills of Cape Mabou, Arrochar Bridge, Gillian's- reel
  8. Johnny Cope, Sleepy Maggie, Dan. Rory MacDougall's- reel
  9. Memories of Jack Buchanan (Joe Doucette) Stumpie,Traditional Reel
  10. Traditional, Lads of Duns, Father Jack Walsh - jigs
  11. The Battle of Glencoe (waltz)
  12. Leo & Catherine Murray, Peter & Doreen Chiasson, Rannie MacLellan's (all by Brenda Stubbert)

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