Alex Francis MacKay
A Lifelong Home

Alex F's sound, rich in Gaelic accent, is an expression of another time. It is truly unique in the world of fiddle music. Rounder, 1997.

Tune listing.

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Earl Grey 


The Duke of Athole

Christy's Quickstep


Mrs A. McGlashan


Jenny Carouther's


Captain Campbell

The Perrie Werrie

Highland Donald Kiss'd Kitty

Alex Francis began playing the fiddle at an early age and because the MacKay family home was a regular stopping point for musicians he met and learnt from many of Cape Breton's finest players. Of the visiting musicians, those who made the most lasting impressions on Alex Francis were fiddler-composers Dan R. MacDonald (Alex's first cousin), Dan Hughie MacEachern and Gordon MacQuarrie.

Track Listing:

Rosin the Bow: B

Rosin The Bow jig / The Pet of the Pipers jig / Wha, Can Help It jig

Duke of Athole A minor strathspeys and reels

Traditional strathspey / Captain Campbell strathspey / Duke of Athole strathspey / Marnoch's Strathspey / Glen Rinnes reel / The Smith's Burn reel / Feargan Reel / Sandy is my Darling reel

Earl Grey Set: Key A March, strahspey and reels

Memories of Jim Smith march / Earl Grey strathspey / Traditional Pipe Tune reel

Lady Mary Ramsay: Key D strathspeys and reels

Lady Isabella Weymess air / Lady Muir MacKenzie's Favorite air/ Lady Mary Ramsay strathspey / Traditional reel / Miss Graham Reel / Thro' the Warld Wou'd I Gang We The Lad I Like reel / Menzie's Rant reel

Highland Society: Key A strathspeys and reels

The Highland Society of Scotland air / Bovaglie's Plaid air / Bognie Brae strathspey / Hoch Hey Johnny Lad strathspey / Lady Elizabeth Lindsay's strathspey / Marnoch's Strathspey / Florence MacDonald reel / The Bishop's Mitre reel

McGlashan Jig: G minor jigs

Mrs. A. McGlashan jig / Miss Sophia Campbell jig

Coilsfield House: Key G strathspeys and reels

Coilsfield House air / Reith's Clarinet strathspey / Mrs. James McInnes's strathspey / Munlochy Bridge strathspey / Highland Donald Kiss'd Kitty strathspey / Cutty Sark reel / The Lassie With The Yellow Coatie reel / Peggy Menzies reel / The Night We Had The Goats reel

Christie's Quickstep: Key D jigs

The Chorus Jig / Christie's Quickstep / Catherine MacIsaac's Wedding Day

Craigaillichie Bridge: Key D strathspeys and reels

Mrs. Stewart of Inverugie's strathspey / Craigaillichie Bridge strathspey / The Raven reel / Lady Mary Stopford reel /The Pitnacree Ferryman reel / Loch Glassie reel

Welcome To Your Feet: Key C strathspeys and reels

Lady Carolyn Montague strathspey / Welcome To Your Feet Again strathspey / The Tweeddale Club strathspey / Rothiemurcus Rant strathspey / Braes of Auchtertyre reel / Angus Chisholm's Favourite Reel

Mrs. Garden of Troup: Key F strathspeys and reels

Highlands of Banffshire strathspey / Mr. Graham Orchill strathspey / Mrs.Gordon of Knockspoch reel / Perth Assembly Reel / Mrs. Garden of Troup reel

Dan R. Strathspeys: Key C strathspeys and reels

The Road to Kingsville strathspey / Memories of Sadie Carpenter MacDonald strathspey / Mrs. Col. Forbes strathspey / Lady Lucy Ramsay strathspey / Double Kisses Reel / Miss Campbell of Menzies reel / O'er Boggie reel

Dunkeld Hermitage: Eminor strathspeys and reels

Mill of Newe strathspey / Struan Robertson's Rant strathspey / Dunkeld Hermitage reel / Traditional reel / Tarbolton Lodge reel

Jenny Carouthers: Key A pipe tunes

Jenny Carouthers March (Jean MacColl / Lady MacKenzie of Fairburn's - strathspey / Maggie Cameron / Willie Davie Reel


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