Alex Francis MacKay

Gaelic in the Bow

This is the 2nd Rounder label CD of Alex Francis accompanied on piano by Gordon MacLean.

Alex Francis learned music in a household of Gaelic speakers. Although his repertoire is mainly 18th and 19th century Scottish music, in his formative years he also learned tunes from two of 20th century Cape Breton's most influential composers -his cousin, the legendary composer Dan R. MacDonald and from Queensville neighbour Dan Hughie MacEachern.

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tune listing below

1. i. Jeannie Carruthers -- march (John MacColl), ii. Lady Madelina Sinclair -- strathspey (Niel Gow), iii. Mr. Compton of Compton Hall - reel.

2. i. Miss Mariane Oliphant - slow strathspey (Robert MacIntosh), ii. Lady Charlotte Campbell (Nathaniel Gow), iii. Munlochy Bridge -- strahspeys, iv. trad reel

3. i. Glengrant (J.S.Skinner), ii. Mr. Eager's (Jos. Lowe) -- strathspeys, iii. Thrum's Cairn (J. Scott Skinner), iv. The Yetts of Muckart (J.S. Robertson) -- reels.

4. i. Memories of Joe MacInnis (Dan. R. MacDonald, SOCAN) -- marching air, ii. The Lorn Strathspey (Niel Gow), iii. Lassie Look Before You (Wm. Marshall) -- strathspeys, iv. The Lasses of Stewarton, v. Geordie MacLeish -- reels.

5. i. Watson's Class, unknown E minor strathspey, iii. Struan Robertson's Rant -- strathspeys, iv. Keep it Up - reel

6. i. The Prince of Wales, ii. Rosin the Bow, iii. Graham's Highland Fling -- jigs

7. i. Professor Blackie (J. Scott Skinner) -- marching air, ii. Milton Duff (J. Scott Skinner) iii. Clach na Cudain -- strathspeys, iv. Geordie MacLeish, v. The Pitnacree Ferryman - reels

8. i. Sandlaw's Welcome (J. Scott Skinner) -- marching air ii. Bogniebrae (J.S. Skinner) iii. Hoch Hey Johnnie Lad, iv. The Bog O' Gight (Wm. Marshall) -- strathspeys, v. The Lea Rig, vi. Bonnie Nellie (J. Scott Skinner), vii. Pretty Marion -- reels

9. i. The Maids of Arrochar (John MacDonald, Dundee), ii. Lady Muir MacKenzie's Favourite

10. i. Miss Forbes of Pitsligo (John Gow) -- slow strathspey, ii. Miss Grace Menzies (Wm. Marshall) -- strathspey, iii. Mrs. Charles Stewart (Wm. Marshall), iv. The Whigs of Fife, v. Miss Susan Gordon (Wm. Marshall) -- reels

11. i. Dr. Macleod of Alnwick (A. Ross) - march, ii. Lord Blantyre (Niel Gow) - strathspey, iii. The Reel of Cluny (Jos. Lowe), iv. Goodenwell (James Walker) - reels

12. i. Mrs. James Christie (J.S Skinner), ii. Mrs. Henryu Lumsden of Tillywhilly, iii. Lady Elizabeth Lindsay (Nathaniel Gow) - strathspeys, iv Miss Watt, v. Miss Menzie of Menzies (Wm. McLeish) --- reels

13. i. The Concert March (Dan R. MacDonald, SOCAN), ii. Niel Gow's (Duncan MacIntyre), iii. Largo Law -- strathspeys, iv. Mr. Compton of Compton Hall, v. Raigmore House -- reels 

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