The Airs and Melodies Peculiar to the Highlands and the Isles

Alyth McCormack - vocals & Gaelic
Jonny Hardie -fiddle and guitar
Brian MacAlpine - piano and keyboards
Rory Campbell -Pipes, whistles and vocals


related book The Simon Fraser Collection

The Captain's Collection is a new CD from Scotland, a tribute to Sinon Fraser of Knockie. Featuring Gaelic singing, piping and fiddling. The musicians "reunite the Gaelic words with the tunes, presenting the music in a range of styles in the hope that his [Fraser's] music can be played and enjoyed by others." For The Kilchatten Wedding they effectively arranged Fraser's fiddle setting, alongside a traditional pipe setting alternating between pipes and Puirt a Beul (vocals).


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Killchatten Wedding

Will you Run Awa wi Me


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