Historical information to complement Natalie's various CDs etc.

Cape Breton Fiddler Natalie MacMaster

Below you can follow links to sources of some of Natalie's recorded music. For players there are tune titles, composer information, history and references to books most of which are currently in print and available from Cranford Publications

For browsers you will find music notation (GIFs and abcs) for many tunes Natalie plays... and for the next few months we be adding more content (new samples, transcriptions, rmps etc.). If you are new to Cape Breton music you can also easily listen to other fiddlers by exploring soundclips posted on the Cranford Publication's site.


Links to information complimenting selected Natalie recordings

1. In My Hands

2. My Roots are Showing (CD)

3. A Fiddle Lesson (instructional video)

4. Natalie Live (2 CD set)

5. Blueprint

6. Natalie & Buddy

7. Cape Breton Girl

8. Compilation


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lots of free soundclips and transcriptions of tunes


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