In My Hands

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A fuison of solid Cape Breton, Irish and Scottish fiddling, backed by an eclectic mix of electronics, vocals, horns and percussion. Some tracks do have straight-ahead guitar or piano accompaniment. There are also some wonderful guest solists including Sharon Shannon, Laoise Kelly, Mark O’Connor and Allison Krauss.

The overall feel is good fun and there are bound to be a few tunes you'll want to learn.


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Track Listing

Natalie MacMaster, In My Hands

1. The Drunken Landlady & In My Hands ( Lyrics are both on the CD and on Natalie's site.)

2. Welcome to the Trossocks

3. Gramma

4. Blue Bonnets Over The Border 

5. New York Jig

6. Flamenco Fling

7. Space Ceildh

8. Olympic Reel

9. Father John MacLeod's Jig

10. Get Me Through December (Lyrics are both on the CD and on Natalie's site)
Based on a melody by Niel Gow:
Niel Gow's Lament For The Death Of His Second Wife

11. The Farewell

12. Moxham Castle

13. Mom's Jig

14. Flora MacDonald


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