The Fiddletree - hardcover book-CD

by Otis Tomas

Cape Breton based fiddler-luthier Otis Tomas is a modern-day Rennaisance man. In this incomparable book he displays a rare combination of talents - articulate writing, tasty original composing and stunning photos of his Fiddletree instruments - all built using the wood from one maple tree which he cut 17 years ago.

In addition to inspiring philosphical writing, Otis gives insights into his work as a luthier. The project is complemented by a recording of striking original arrangements all performed using Fiddletree instruments - all of the music and arranging also by Otis.

Music notation is provided for all the tunes on the CD.

Deluxe Stitched Hardcover Book with gloss dustcover (high quality photographic pages inside too!) & 70 minute CD

Specially Priced - $30.00 CAN

Scroll Down for CD tune listing, sample tunes and sound clips below.

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The Unfathomable Menagerie

Sound Clips and Notation links

  1. The Fiddletree (air), The Chimera (reel)
  2. The Lilac Bush (hornpipe), Anya's Fiddle, This and That (reels)
  3. Orchids (slow reel), The Final Question
  4. Lost and Found (air), The Silver Finger, Free Fall
  5. The Quintessence (air), Feet First (jig), Feet First (reel)
  6. Handle With Care
  7. Between Friends, Rubens (reel)
  8. The Burning Wick, The Candle's Eye (reel)
  9. The New Land (waltz), Zac's, Nemo's (jigs), The Farrier (reel)
  10. Fernando's Folly (jig), The Mongrel, Happenstance (reels)
  11. For a Child (air), The April Fool, Windy Bill (reels)
  12. My Father's Book (air & reel)
  13. Bell's Waltz
  14. Lily Matilda's, Seeing in the Dark

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