The Keegan Tunes 

4 volumes of original compositions

The Keegan Tunes Vol. 4

Vol. 1 | Vol. 2 | Vol. 3 | Vol. 4

Josephine Keegan is one of the most respected composers of Irish music active today. A native of Armagh, she is a well known fiddler and piano player with many recordings to her credit.

Like the other books in her series The Keegan Tunes, Volume 4 is artistically produced, with music presented alongside of photos, history and drawings.

Sample tunes

The Anniversary Reel

Reel in A

The Blue Belle of Perth

Jig in A

The Blue Rose

Bb hornpipe

A Hair of the Dog

Reel in Em

Lift the Latch and Come In

Slip Jig in A

Tispy Toddle

Barndance in F

Paper and Comb

Jig in D

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