One of the great strathspeys, it quickly entered the aural tradition and, two years after MacKintosh published it, the Gows presented it as Mr. Horn's Strathspey. In the Athole Collection (1884) it was called Mr. Thom's. Notation above is from The Cape Breton Scottish Collection.

First recorded by Lttle Jack MacDonald, other Cape Breton fiddlers to record it include Wendy MacIsaac, Kimberley Fraser, Donald MacLellan and John A. MacDonald. I first heard it from New Waterford pianist Doug MacPhee who associates it with the late Mary Hughie MacDonald.

note - This strathspey was accidentally left out of the 1979 edition of the Skye Collection The original Skye contained two unrelated tunes both called Sir Alexander Don. An indexing error caused me to delete it.

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