Related to The Lasses of Stewarton, an 18th century tune reputedly composed by John Riddel, a blind fiddler for Ayr. The above setting has been popularized in the Cape Breton fiddle tradition by the late Donald Angus Beaton. The Skye Collection attributes its pipe serting to a Jenny Cameron.

Over the isles to America has been recorded many times. It can be heard on the Highland Legacy DVD where it was recorded by Rodney MacDonald Glenn Graham and Kinnon Beaton. Kinnon also recorded it on a CD with his daughter (Kinnon and Andrea Beaton). On the Cape Breton Island DVD it is played as part of a group number featuring Buddy & Natalie MacMaster, Ashley MacIsaac, and Jackie Dunn.

see Cape Breton Highland Collection & /or The Skye Collection

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