Mrs. Ross's Reel was the title used in the composer's 1781 collection. Half a century later Marshall apparently forgot he had already published it and in 1822 it appeared again in another collection of his tunes where he called an identical setting Mrs. Colonel Gordon of Leitchieston.

In the 1970s, Cape Breton fiddler Joe MacLean played this melody on a recording which was later released on CD. Above, trying to remain true to both written and aural sources, I have altered Marshall's original melody by adding one of Joe's endings to the final bar of each turn.

A transcription of Joe's recorded setting is given in The Cape Breton Scottish Collection. Note at the time of publication, I didn't recognize the tune as a setting of the Marshall's reel so I called it Visits with Joe MacLean. After publication John Donald Cameron made me aware of the similarity to Marshall's composition.


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