From Anderson's 2nd Collection , 1793 this is a variant strathspey setting of Maclauchlan's Reell (sic), a tune first published in Angus Cummings Collection (1780), reprinted in The Glen Collection , 1891.

It's interesting to note that Cummings was from Grantown and, that in his small volume of 58 traditional tunes, there were 8 other tunes which included the surname Grant. The aural tradition was apparently alive and well in the region that gave birth to the strathspey.

I first heard a Cape Breton reel setting on a home tape of Dave MacIsaac. He had learned it that way from the playing of the late Dan J. Campbell of Glenora Falls.

See - The Cape Breton Scottish Collection for two CB settings- the reel set from Dave MacIsaac reel and the strathspey more or less from Glen/Cummings.

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