Troy MacGillivray - Eleven

Fiddle: Troy MacGillivray, Kendra MacGillivray
Piano: Troy MacGillivray
Flute: Nuala Kennedy
Cello: Natalie Haas
Viola: Troy MacGillivray
Guitar: Dave MacIsaac, Anna Massie, Tim Eady, Brent Chiasson, Tony MacGillivray, Jason Murdock
Bass: Troy MacGillivray
Bodhran: Sabra MacGillivray

Troy MacGillivary is a fine fiddler and pianist from Antigonish County. He is the grandson of the legendary 78 recording artist Hugh A. MacDonald. Dedicated to his mother, the late Janice Anne MacGillivray, Eleven is a tribute to his family with much of the repertoire inspired from music played at home. His talent continues to blossom with each new endeavour.

CD track listing

Track Listing - Eleven - Troy

Track Listing - Eleven - Troy MacGillivray

1. Stirling Castle (4:12)

- Stirling Castle

- The Miller O'Dervil (Tom Barnett)

- Sow's Tail

- The Auld Wheel (Skinner)

- Jenny's Bawbee

violin & piano: Troy, cello: Natalie Haas


2. The Piper (2:59)

- Donald Stewart the Piper (J. S. Skinner)

- The Old French Reel

- The Ohio River (Jimmie MacEachern)

violin & piano: Troy, guitar: Jason Murdock


3. Old School (3:11)

- Traditional Jig

- The Old School Jig (Shelly Campbell)

- Cape Breton Dream (Pierre Schryer)

violin & piano: Troy, guitar: Anna Massie


4. Teetotalers (4:21)

- The Flowers of Antrim - Irish Hornpipe

- West Mabou

- Teetotaler's

- Olive Branch

violin: Troy, flute: Nuala Kennedy, nylon string guitar: Tim Edey


5. Hey Johnny! (4:32)

- Mr. Murray (William Martin)

- Hoch Hey Johnny Lad

- The Lea Rig

- Miss Nisbet of Dirleton (Nathaniel Gow)

- Ostinelli's Hornpipe

violin & piano: Troy; guitar: Dave MacIsaac


6. Smash The Windows (3:15)

- Smash the Windows

- Little Burnt Potatoe (Colin J. Boyd)

- Off She Goes

violin, piano & bass: Troy, violin: Kendra MacGillivray, guitar: Tony MacGillivray, bodhran: Sabra MacGillivray


7. Knittin & Drinkin (3:17)

- Knittin & Drinkin (Brent Chiasson)

- Trolley's Reel (Colin Grant)

- The Lasses (Old Joe Sife)

violin & piano: Troy, guitar: Brent Chaisson


8. Dream at Dawn (3:44)

- Dream at Dawn (Dick Hensold)

violin & piano: Troy, cello: Natalie Haas


9. The Eternal Rig (5:49)

- The Eternal Rig (Andrea Beaton)

- Janice Anne's Reel (Troy MacGillivray)

- The Maid Behind the Bar (Trad.)

- Saratoga (Trad.)

violin, viola, & piano: Troy, cello: Natalie Haas


10. Hughie No. 11 (3:52)

- Hughie No. 11 (Troy MacGillivray)

- Mrs. Gordon of Park (William Marshall)

- Buddy's Detour (David Greenberg)

violin & piano: troy, guitar: Dave MacIsaac


11. The Earl of Fife (3:38)

- Mrs. Menzie's of Culdares (Neil Gow)

- The Bridge of Inver (James MacIntosh)

- Thames Hornpipe

- The Earl of Fife (J.S. Skinner)

violin & piano: Troy, guitar: Dave MacIsaac


12. Madam Neruda (5:09)

- Thane's Hornpipe (J.S. Skinner)

- The Scarlett Clog

- Holmes

- Madam Neruda (Skinner)

violin & piano: Troy, guitar: Anna Massie


13. Humours of Tulla (6:47)

- Hasberry Howard (Skinner.)

- Irish Hornpipe

- McMahon's (Sean Ryan)

- The Earl's Chair

- The Humours of Tulla

- Jenny Picking Cockles

violin & piano: Troy, guitar: Brent Chaisson


14. Road to Errogie (6:26)

- A Winston tune (Trad.)

- Kissed Yes'thear

- The Plagiarist (Allan MacDonald)

- The Mortgage Burn (Gordon MacLean)

- The Road to Errogie (Adam Sutherland)

violin & piano: Troy, flute: Nuala Kennedy, nylon string guitar: Tim Edey


15. Crodh Chailein (Colin's Cattle)

- Gaelic Air (2:58)

violin and piano: Troy MacGillivray


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