Brenda Stubbert - Tamerac 'er Down

Brenda Stubbert - Fiddle

Hilda Chiasson piano
Dave MacIsaac -guitar

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Originally released on a vinyl LP, this was the album that put Cape Breton fiddler Brenda Stubbert on the map, both as a composer and as a recording artist. Almost all the tunes are in Brenda Stubbert's Collection. Remastered for CD in 2004, Tamerac 'er Down was produced in 1987 by Dan MacDonald.

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Dan Harry Burton (jig by Brenda Stubbert)


Ray Mac (march by Brenda Stubbert)


Aggie and Neil MacLellan (jig by Brenda Stubbert)


Joey Beaton (reel by Brenda Stubbert)


Margaret MacPhee (strathspey by Brenda Stubbert)


Dan MacDonald (reel by Brenda Stubbert)


Alex Norman's (march by Brenda Stubbert)


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1. Reels (3:14)  

  • Green Mountain (Traditional)
  • Robert Stubbert (Jerry Holland)
  • Mountain Road (Michael Gorman)

2. Jigs (3:00)   

  • Spin n' Glow (Frank Ferrel)
  • Stan Chapman (Jerry Holland)
  • Aggie & Neil MacLennan (Brenda Stubbert)

3. March, Strathspey, Reels (4:25)   

  • Larry & Eleanor Parks (Brenda Stubbert)
  • Dave MacIsaac (Brenda Stubbert)
  • Wilfred & Janet Burke (Brenda Stubbert)
  • Arthur Muise (Brenda Stubbert)

4. Jigs (2:58)   

  • Dan Harry Burton (Brenda Stubbert)
  • Regina Stubbert (Brenda Stubbert)
  • Jim Carroll (Brenda Stubbert)

5. March, Strathspeys, Reels (5:06)   

  • Alex Norman (Brenda Stubbert)
  • Mrs. John Angus MacArthur (Traditional)
  • Hughie Rory MacKinnon (Traditional)
  • Tamerack'er Down (Donald Angus Beaton)
  • Brenda Stubbert (Jerry Holland)

6. Marchs, Reels (5:22)

  • Tracey's (Brenda Stubbert)
  • Memories of Joe Conflant (Brenda Stubbert)
  • The Holland Wedding (Hilda Chiasson)
  • Tribute To Winston 'Scotty' and Anne Fitzgerald (Brenda Stubbert)  

7. Jigs (2:58)    

  • The Bouncing Trailer (Brenda Stubbert)
  • William & Doris Stubbert (Brenda Stubbert)
  • Jerry Holland (Brenda Stubbert)

8. Strathspey, Reels (4:20)    

  • Margaret MacPhee (Brenda Stubbert)
  • Doug MacPhee (Brenda Stubbert)
  • Dan MacDonald (Brenda Stubbert)
  • Courtney's Favourite (Brenda Stubbert)

9. March, Reel (3:48)    

  • Ray Mac (Brenda Stubbert)
  • Hilda Chlasson (Brenda Stubbert)

10. Jigs (3:03)   

  • Buddy's Favourite (Brenda Stubbert)
  • Byron & Donna Stubbert (Brenda Stubbert)
  • Lionel Muise (Brenda Stubbert)

11. Reels (3:28)

  • Joey Beaton (Brenda Stubbert)
  • The Four Sisters (Brenda Stubbert)

My Father (Brenda Stubbert)

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