Brenda Stubbert - Music All Around

Brenda Stubbert - Fiddle

Stephanie Wills piano and fiddle
Paul MacDonald -guitar
Stewart MacNeil - accordion and flute
Ed Woodsworth - acoustic bass (one track)

Brenda Stubbert is one of the most popular dance players in Cape Breton. Her fifth album, Music All Around is the work of a mature artist at the peak of her powers. Brenda's compositions fit seamlessly with older melodies. Her well crafted medleys leave listeners looking for more.

Recorded in the front room of a country home, a room full of attentive friends, the music was captured with natural acoustics and no effects. The result is magical, transporting listeners to the inner circle of a Cape Breton music session.

Jessie MacKenzie's / The Lion

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1. The First Figure Jigs
  • Rick Daley's Return (Paul Cranford) • midi
  • Compliments to Melissa Emmons (Brenda Stubbert)
  • Charlie's Aunt

    2. Thursday Night Sessions

  • John MacFadyen of Melford (John MacColl)
  • Jessie Mackenzie's Favourite (Brenda Stubbert)
  • The Lion (Paul Cranford)
  • Many Faces of Howie MacDonald (Brenda Stubbert)
  • John Morris & Sally (Brenda Stubbert)

    3. West Mabou Dances

  • Benny and Phyllis MacKinnon (Brenda Stubbert)
  • Noreen Locke (Tommy Basker)
  • Willie Joe's Jig (Jerry Holland)

    4. The Barra's Irish Reels

  • Never Was Piping so Gay (Ed Reavy)
  • Mulvihill's #1 (aka O'Brien's) (Charlie Mulvihill)
  • The Skylark (James Morrison)

    5. A Tribute to Billy Stubbert

  • In Praise Maureen Mackenzie (march by John MacLean)
  • Memories of Donald Angus Beaton (Brenda Stubbert)
  • Mo Mhàiri Mhin Mheall' Shuileach
  • Dougie's Favourite Squirrel (Jerry Holland)
  • The Burning House (Brenda Stubbert) • midi

    6. My Father's Style Jigs

  • Miss Campbell's
  • The Bee's Knees (Robert Stubbert)
  • McCallum's

    7. The Ceilidh Trail School

  • March of the Cameron Men
  • Mr. Thomas Forbes (J. Scott Skinner)
  • Route 19 (Brenda Stubbert)
  • The Nervous Man (Paddy O'Brien)

    8. Skippy and Dippy

  • Mrs. MacDouwal Grant
  • Sarah's Birthday (Paul Cranford)
  • Edwin MacLellan (Paul Cranford)

    9. A Double Fiddle Set

  • Tracey's March (Brenda Stubbert)
  • Mr. Murray (Wm. Martin)
  • Annie is My Darling (Simon Fraser)
  • Mrs. E. MacLeod (Robert MacIntosh)
  • Stephanie Will's (Brenda Stubbert)

    10. Four Cape Breton Reels

  • Meeting Gigi (Jerry Holland)
  • Chums (reel by Jerry Holland and Dougie MacDonald)
  • My Great Friend John Morris (Brenda Stubbert)
  • Kalapa Valley (Joe Doucette)

    11. New Cape Breton Jigs

  • The Blackburnian (Paul Cranford),
  • The Four Musketeers (Brenda Stubbert)
  • John Maclean's Favourite (Brenda Stubbert)

    12. Crossing To Ireland Medley

  • Crossing to Ireland
  • Nicholas McInnis (Brenda Stubbert) • midi
  • John D. (Donnie) MacDougall's (Brenda Stubbert)
  • Jean MacNeil's (Robert Stubbert)

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