Jennifer Roland - For Each New Day

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Fiddle: Jennifer Roland
Piano & Accordion: Jason Kempt,
Piano & Fender Rhodes Ryan MacNeil
Guitar, Mandolin, Upright & Electric Bass: Allie Bennett
Drums: Brian Talbot
Pipes: Ryan J. MacNeil

For Each New Day is Northside fiddler Jennifer Roland's third CD. It is an energetic mixture of traditional and original material produced by multi-instrumentalist Allie Bennett. A versatile player, Jennifer's renditions of Irish, Scottish, Maritime, Cape Breton and her own tunes are lively and sweet with a maturity and passion that belies her youth. CD track listing


Selected MP3 sound clips, midi & /or Standard Notation

Upside down in Edencourt (Gordon Duncan) 4 part pipe reel -mp3

This Flower I Pick (Jennifer Roland) waltz - mp3

Allie Bennett's (Jennifer Roland) jig - mp3

The Road to Cape Dauphin (Jennifer Roland) jig - mp3

An Angus Chishom Tune (G minor strathspey) - mp3

Kam Valley Fiddlers (Jennifer Roland) - G minor reel (mp3)

Lewis' Squak (Jennifer Roland) - A jig (mp3)

Raelynn's - A Reel (mp3)

1. Red Haired Lass
Red Haired Lass Reel
Gravel Walk
Mrs. Beatty Wallace (Dan R. Mac Donald)
Upside Down in Edencourt (Gordon Duncan)

Red Haired Lass, Gravel Walk and Upside Down in Eden Court are tunes that I learned over the years having heard them played at sessions and dances. Mrs. Beatty Wallace can be found in the Heather Hill Collection of Fiddle Tunes by Dan R. Mac Donald.

2. Highland Set

Peggy's Jig (Mike Mac Dougall)
Jessie Ann's Favorite (Gordon Mac Quarrie)
Highland Jig
St. Nicholas Boat (J. Scott Skinner))

This is a great set of jigs that I learned in the years when I first began playing, while attending C.B. Fiddler practices, and festivals at the Gaelic College in Cape Breton. The Highland Jig and St. Nicholas Boat (full title is So I'm Off with the Good St. Nicholas Boat) can be found in the Brenda Stubbert Collection of Fiddle Tunes, and were recorded in the early sixties by legendary fiddler, Winston "Scotty" Fitzgerald.

3. This Flower I Pick For You Slow air Jennifer Roland

There is a very special story behind this air that I'd like to share. I composed it in late October '04, after a visit with my dad at the MacGillivray Guest home in Sydney, NS. Shortly after the initial recording of this piece, my father, who endured a humble battle for 13 years with Parkinson's disease, peacefully passed away surrounded by myself, my mom and my brothers and sisters. He left behind a legacy that he was truly proud of and loved with all of his heart; his family, his music, as well as his love for the sea. This piece was inspired by, and written for my hero who is my dad, and is dedicated in his beautiful memory to the Parkinson's Society of Canada for which I am honored to be the musical ambassador and spokesperson. The official flower of Parkinson's is the tulip. The flower in the title is represented by the melody of this tune that was inspired by my fathers love for music and his influence in my life. He is always in my heart and continuously drives my passion and devotion towards music and life.

4. Editor's Favorite

Miller of Drone (Nathanial Gow)
Editor's Favorite
Neil R. Mac Donald's (Dan R. Mac Donald)
The Hurricane (J. Scott Skinner)
The Red Shoes (Dan R. MacDonald)
Castle Hornpipe (King Colbath)

This is a selection of well-known tunes that have been played by many Cape Breton players both young and old. I learned Miller of Drone from the Skye Collection, Neil R. MacDonald's is a great strathspey by Dan R. and can be found in his book, The Heather Hill Collection. The Red Shoes is published in the Winston Fitzgerald Collection. The Hurricane can be located in the Scott Skinner Collection. Castle Hornpipe is found in the One Thousand Tunes Book sometimes referred to as Ryan's Collection.

5. Master Crowley's

Master Crowley's

I learned this tune and its version from renowned fiddler, Ivonne Hernandez from Vancouver, B.C. This tune can be found in many Irish Session Books and has numerous arrangements with variations. This version is in the key of E minor, up a full tone from where it is written in most of the above-mentioned books.

6. Alyssa Crystal Dawn's Waltz Waltz Robert Randle

I learned this tune from a great composer, fiddler, and friend, Robert Randle from Kam Valley, Ontario. He wrote it for a fiddle student of his. Robert is one of those special people that I have met throughout this musical journey who shares with me the same true love, understanding and passion for music. I have great respect for this gentleman, for he possesses a true spirit for the gift of music.

7. Cape Dauphin Set

Allie Bennett's (Jennifer Roland)
Mary Gloria's (Jennifer Roland)
Kyle Mac Neil's New Fiddle (Jennifer Roland)
Road to Cape Dauphin Jennifer Roland (SOCAN)

These jigs came to me one summer afternoon while playing tunes in the kitchen. The first jig is for my good friend, Allie Bennett who produced all three of my recordings. Kyle Mac Neil of the Barra Mac Neils, was my teacher when I was little. The second is written for my sister Gloria. Cape Dauphin is for a special group of friends of mine with whom I get together and enjoy lots of good tunes each summer in Cape Dauphin, which over looks the ocean and Bird Islands of Cape Breton.

8. Five Way Street

Linnea's Lilt (Rob Randle)
William Norbert's (Doris Mason)
Way Street (Rob Randle)

Both Linea's Lilt and Five Way Street, are composed by Rob Randle whom I previously introduced. These tunes hold proof that he is an accomplished composer. I learned the tune William Norbert's from Jason Kempt, which was written by a wonderfully talented gal, Doris Mason from New Glasgow, NS with whom I've had the pleasure to work with on several occasions over the course of my career.

9.Johnny Cope

Johnny Cope
An Angus Chisholm Strathspey
The Braes of Tullymet
Kam Valley Fiddlers
East of Neuk O'Fife
Raelynn's (Jennifer Roland)

Johnny Cope is a classic tune and is one of my favorite tunes to play. I composed the reel Kam Valley Fiddlers, for a group of young ladies and their instructor Rob Randle, who are special friends of mine from the Thunder Bay area. The strathspeys are traditional ones introduced years ago by the late Angus Chisholm. East of Neuk O'Fife is a timeless tune of Scottish tradition. The variations played here are from the J. Scott Skinner book, The Scottish Violinist. The final reel is a tune that I wrote for a wonderful student and friend of mine, who is one of many of my students who was born with the natural love of music.


Lewis' Squak (Jennifer Roland)
Brett James' (Jennifer Roland)
Thunderhead (Grey Larsen, Sleepy Creek Music/BMI)
Garrett's (Jennifer Roland)

The first tune was written for my little feathered friend, Lewis, who made sure I knew he was in the room while I tried to concentrate on writing it. I learned the Thunderhead jig from a great band from Cork, Ireland called North Cregg, with whom I had the pleasure of traveling overseas in both March of '99 and '00. Garrett's Jig is for my newest little nephew. He always brings a smile to my face.

11. Sadie's Waltz

Sadie's Waltz (Jennifer Roland)

Anyone who knows me will agree that my family is a tremendous part of my life. My mom is my best friend and one of my greatest influences. She has given me so much love and compassion throughout my life and has taught me the importance of following my heart as well as never under-estimating the power and significance of faith and love. Her abundant strength and genuine love deeply overwhelm me in such an inspiring way. Mom, I love you with all of my heart.

12. The Accents Set

Lady Catherine Stewart
House of Hamil (Ed Reavy)
Maudabawn Chapel (Ed Reavy)
Mc Arthur's Road (Dave Richardson)

This set was collaborated for a theatre show I had the pleasure to be part of called "Accents on Summer", which showcased the talent of the former band called The Accents. The title stuck with the medley.


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