Jim McGraw
Melodious Accord
Accordion, fiddle, flute, piano, guitar


im McGrath (accordion)
Gerry O'Donnell (flute)
Seamus Quinn (fiddle & piano)
Robert Watt (highland pipes)
Cathal Hayden, Charlie Woods & Pat McManus (fiddles)

Jim is an excellent accordion player and composer from County Fermanagh On this CD we have 30 McGrath originals seamlessly arranged into 15 enjoyable medleys played by excellent musicians - - jigs, reels, slides, hornpipes, flings, a strathspey, slow air and -more. These tunes are well crafted wholes, many of which will undoubtedly spread into the wider session world.

All of the tunes have been transcribed into a single ABC file. Sound clips & midi files will follow in weeks to come.

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30 Tunes as an ABC file

1. (Reels)

Bouncing Bellows.
The Boys of Bellanaleck.

Bouncing Bellows
This tune was composed with a Cajun feel to it suitable for fiddle and accordion.

The Boys of Bellanaleck.
I thought this was a good title for a tune as it rolls easily off the tongue and what better boys than the world famous McConnell brothers from Bellanaleck who have given traditional music from Fermanagh its present elevated status.

2. (Strathspey)

Monea Castle

Monea Castle
This plantation castle was built in 1618 by Rev. Malcolm Hamilton on a site some six miles from Enniskillen. Although it was burnt in the 18th century, it remains in a reasonable state of preservation. This composition tries to reflect its sad and somber history.

3. (Jigs)

Jitter the Bow
Melodious Accord

Jitter the Bow
An olden phrase used for coaxing youngsters into making a triplet on the fiddle.

Melodious Accord
This brings about agreement between the Melodeon and the fiddle music.

4. (Hornpipes)

"Tween the Ditches"
Raphoe Rhapsody.

"Tween the Ditches"
Many years ago people from Boho, Monea and Derrygonnelly would gather in our house in Cullen to sing, dance and joke the night away> My father who performed in many a concert hall in Fermanagh would bid them farewell in the early hours with the usual warning to drivers "keep her tween the ditches"

Raphoe Rhapsody
I dedicate this hornpipe to fiddle player and teacher Kathleen McGinley with whom I spent a full day some years ago at her home in Raphoe. I left her house that evening with a greater respect for the hornpipe, the barndances and flings.

5. (Foxtrot)

The Fiddler Mick Hoy

The Fiddler Mick Hoy
Mick Hoy was born in Monea, lived most of his life in Blaney and played mainly in Derrygonnelly. His mother, father and brothers were all musical but Mick had a huge repertoire of tunes, songs and recitations which he shared willingly with everyone. This composition is in foxtrot time.


6. (Slow Jigs)


Autumn's Golden Shades
The Prince of Distillers.

Autumn's Golden Shades
Refers to the beautiful transition of colour from green to brown to bare which is witnessed each October from our kitchen window in Drumbeggan.

The Prince of Distillers.
This was an honour conferred on the Knockmore poteen maker, George Howden, by local poet Peter McGuinness. His poteen, like his daring escapes from the gaugers are still fondly remembered in recitations and song.

 7. (Flings)

In the Lane to Carran
The Fairy Fort
The Poet's House

These three flings take their titles from the townland of Drumbeggan. The mile-long concrete lane below our house leads In the Lane to Carran passing a large circle of trees known locally as The Fairy Fort and ending at The Poet's House (Peadar Burns) overlooking the lakes of Carran and Ross and the surrounding Boho countryside. A truly inspirational part of Fermanagh.

8. (Slides)

Generally Colliding.

Having enjoyed playing for Sets Ceilis all over the North with fiddle player, Charlie Woods, I composed these slides with rather zany titles. One particular Set Dance, The Ballyvourney Jig Set consists of five individual figures, and when danced non-stop consists of 552 bars of music. For any beginner, brave enough to undertake such a challenge it generally ended in disaster, like a stray sheep throwing the rest of the flock into disarray.


9. (Slow Air)

 An Fhidil ina Thost.- The Silent Fiddle.

An Fhidil ina Thost.- The Silent Fiddle - A composition in honour of one of the greatest fiddle players in the North, the late John Joe Gordon from Belleek who died in 2002. I still remember first hearing him play a lovely version of " The Harvest Home" in Ballyshannon years ago. Always a quiet genius.

10. (Reels)

The Knock's Session
The Lettered Cave
The Rhythm Reel

The Knock's Session - Every Sunday night a great gathering of musicians, singers, dancers and storytellers would while away the night in the Knocks Community Hall which is located about three miles from Lisnaskea. The session invited everyone from beginner to professional to entertain in this very friendly music circle 

The Lettered Cave - A cave situated high on the top of the Knockmore mountain range about three miles outside the village of Derrygonnelly. The Celtic designs and indicating arrows were etched into the limestone rock during the penal times in Ireland.

The Rhythm Reel - One of the first reels I composed with a view to playing it for set dance sessions.

11. (Waltzes)

The Two Lovers waltz
Deery from Derry

The Two Lovers waltz - A tune I penned in 2001 as part of a music project.

Deery from Derry - During a music session one night in Enniskillen a member of the audience called Tony Deery requested some O'Carolan music. He and I talked about how O'Carolan visited all the big houses around Ireland and in return for their hospitality he would compose a tune in honour of his hosts. "Would it be possible to have a tune composed in our name?" Asked Deery. "Surely I'll give it a try" I replied. This tune was composed with an O'Carolan type feel to it.


12. A piece in the style of Breton march + reel

Le Sel de Bretagne
The Peake Dancers

Le Sel de Bretagne - Set in the lovely landscape of Britanny lies this lovely village home to great musicians, singers and dancers who enjoy and share their musical lives to the full.

The Peake Dancers - The Peake School of Dancing in Fermanagh has produced some of the finest dancers who are recognized all over Ireland and Europe for their stunning dancing displays. Their performances have prompted many standing ovations and encores wherever they appear.

13. (Jigs)

Ma na Bh Fianna (Monea) - The Plain of the Deer
Correl Glen.

Ma na Bh Fianna (Monea) - The Plain of the Deer - Saint Faber's deer found a safe haven from the hounds of baron O' Phelan and blessed Monea saying "Green Monea I pray you may have fields and fountains fair. Twas where Saint Faber's deer arrived alive and hurtless there".

Correl Glen - An area of outstanding beauty which is part of the Ulster Way outside Derrygonnelly. Raging waterfalls, scenic hills are a most enjoyable and peaceful weekend retreat for many.

14. (Barn Dances)

The Drop Dial
House to Finish

The Drop Dial - A very majestic and much loved wall clock, mass produced in England and America during the mid nineteenth century. It's pendulum, like a metronome, recording and timing every second, every minute, every day of our lives.

House to Finish - Musicians who play for set dancing know that each figure in a particular set consists of so many bars of music. So it looks more professional if musicians and dancers can finish in time together. Sometimes the musician can lose count and overshoot the runway so it is safer to ask the caller or dance tutor to give the call "House to Finish".

15. (Waltzes)

Sunset on the Erne
Memories of Bielfield

Sunset on the Erne - Written in 1996 after a late evening ramble by Carrickreagh viewpoint.

Memories of Bielfield - This tune was written in the same year after an enjoyable week-long trip organized by Fermanagh District Council to Enniskillen's twin town in Germany.


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