Within a Mile of Kilty
Traditional Fiddle Music from NW Leitrim

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Within a Mile of Kilty features lively traditional tunes from Kiltytown, a tiny village in N.W. Leitrim It includes performances from Charlie, Ben and Maurice Lennon. as well as Seamus Quinn, Brian Rooney and the late John Gordon. Together they comprise a stellar line-up of 1st rate fiddlers who exemplify the rich traditions of their local community.

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Sound Clip

The Edenderry - G reel

MP3 performed by Charlie Lennon

Billy Bockers - D reel

MP3 performed by Ben Lennon & Seamus Quinn

Fasten the Leg in Her - G jig

MP3 Performed by John Gordon

The Flowery Fields of Scotland - D reel

MP3 , Performed by Charlie Lennon

The Girl that Broke My Heart - G Reel ,O'Neill's MI

MP3 Performed by Ben Lennon & Seamus Quinn

The Humours of Castle Lyons - G Jig ONMI

MP3 Performed by Brian Rooney

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