John Carty - At it Again

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Carty is a marvellous player. He effortlessly adds tasty embellishments to every tune he plays. On many cuts his tone and feeling can only be compared to the master himself, Michael Coleman. This CD is destined to be a classic.

Accompanied by a host of Ireland's most famous back-up musicians (Brian McGraw, Alex Finn, Arty McGlynn etc.) John is also joined by his brother James for a couple of fiddle- flute duets.


Notation Links


Jim Donoghue's


Major Moran's


Harp and Shamrock (hornpipe) ABC





1. Jim Donoghue's

2. The Frieze Breeches/Old Tipperary

3. Polkas

4. Major Moran's/Peg McGrath's

5. Paddy Lynn's Delight/Hughie's Cap

6. Farewell to Gurteen/Kitty's Rambles

7. Silver Spire

8. Connemara Stockings/The Flowers of Red Hill/The Prohibition

9. Sligo Maid

10. John McHugh's/Dinny Delaney's

11. Lad O'Beirne's/Fionn O'Donnell's

12. Killavil Jig/Paddy Jim Frank's

13. Copperplate/Flogging Reel

14. The Bellharbour/Harp & Shamrock

15. The Crosses of Annagh/The Cloone


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