Puirt a Baroque

Features the wonderful fiddling of David Greenberg (one of the only violinists in the world who convincingly "goes both ways" Puirt a Baroque (poorst-a-ba-roke) is an ensemble that brings a new and delightful perspective to both Baroque and Scottish-Cape Breton musics. Many of you will recognize David Greenberg ... either in his past life as one of the lead violinistsfor Tafelmusik or in his role as the co-author of The Dungreen Collection (a collaboration with his wife, Kate Dunlay). David Also has a traditional fiddling album, titled Tunes Till Dawn.

Bach Meets CB 
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Bach Meets Cape Breton is Puirt a Baroque's first CD and it is a classic. To many traditionalists fusion is a dirty word ... but this actually works. Who would think a medley could flow from Bach into a reel as naturally as strathspey to reel?

Tune listing.

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Lass O'Pettie Mill


Niel Gow's Lament for 2nd Wife


Johnny Sullivan's


The Farewell


Minnie Adam's House


Bach Meets Cape Breton (Puirt a Baroque, 1995)

 David Greenberg - violins, Scott Macmillan - guitars, and David Sandell - harpsichord.

1 Suite Sonata

Sweet is the Lass that Dwells Among the Heather (trad.) from McGlashan (1778)

[Vivace:] The Carle He Came O'er the Craft (Lord McDonald)

[Adagio:] Peggie I Must Love Thee (trad.)

[Giga:] The Honourable Mrs. Drummond of Perth's Delight (trad.)

2. The Lass Blast

The Lass of Pettie's Mill air/march (trad., set by Adam Craig)

Rabbit Teeth reel (DavidGreenberg)

Minnie Adams' House reel (Scott Macmillan)

A Reel for Kate (Greenberg)

The High Street Hornpipe (Macmillan)


3. Pinkie House Medley

Pinkie House air/march

Sir Archibald Grant [of Monymusk] strathspey (Daniel Dow)

The Duke of Gordon's Birthday strathspey (William Marshall)

Isla Reel (trad.)

Mrs. Grant's Reel (= The Strathbogie Toast by Marshall)

Colonel Macbean's Reel (trad.)

Johnny's Made a Wadding O't reel (trad.)


4. E-bee Jigs

Meeting John Hartford (Jerry Holland)

Lord McPherson of Drumochter(Angus Graham)

Sgian Dubh [The Black Knife]


5. Purcell And Then Some

Suite from Ayres for the Theatre by Henry Purcell, with a Cape Breton "chaser"

Hornpipe (Purcell)

The Lads of Leith (trad., set by James Oswald)

Sodger Lad jig (trad.)


6. Chaconne

Chaconne Upon the Sarabanda Theme from Corelli's Violin Sonata Opus 5 No. 7 (attributed to Francesco Geminiani)


7. Music from the Mabou Coal Mines

Trip to Mabou Ridge march (Dan Hughie MacEachern)

Traditional Mabou Strathspey

Angus Ronald Beaton strathspey (Donald Angus Beaton)

Traditional Reel

Lochiel's Rant reel (trad.)

Carl Beaton's Reel (D.A. Beaton)


8. Fy Gar Guitar

Fy Gar Rub Her O'er With Straw (trad., set by Robert Bremner)

Miss Lyall reel (Simon Fraser);

Muileann Dubh [The Black Mill] reel (trad.,)

Miss Wedderburn reel (trad.)


9. Niel Gow's Lament

Niel Gow's Lament for the Death of his Second Wife slow air (Niel Gow)

Natalie MacMaster transcription


10. Bach Meets Cape Breton

Medley of Baroque dance movements and Cape Breton reels

Gavotte en Rondeau--Bourrée (J.S. Bach)

Calum Fhionnalaidh [Malcolm Finlay] reel (trad.)

Johnnie Sullivan's reel (trad.)

Prince Charlie reel (trad.)

Reel Made with Hilda (Hilda Chiasson/Jerry Holland


11. The Farewell

The Farewell air / march (William Marshall) GIF


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