Five Generations of Uillean Pipers

Kevin Rowsome

Lovely traditional Irish piping here. Kevin's wife Lorraine Hickey joins him on fiddle for three tracks, and Kevin has honoured his revered grandfather Leo by including 4 archival tracks. His late uncle, Liam, a gifted fiddler, also appears on two tracks playing haunting slow airs. Tune listing

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Five Generations of Irish Pipers and Pipemakers

With this fine recording, Kevin Rowsome assumes his rightful place in the long line of Rowsome pipers and pipemakers. He displays considerable talents on three sets, a concert set made by his grandfather Leo, a C# set made by his great grandfather William and a lovely C set probably made by the famous 19th century maker Harrington.


William Rowsome c.1902

William Rowsome ,1902

The Rowsome Tradition

Five Generations of uilleann piping


Track Listing

1. Reels

  • The Limestone Rock
  • The Five Mile Chase

2. Hornpipes

  • The Woods of Kilkenny
  • Young Roger was a Ploughboy

3. Reels

  • The Broken Pledge
  • The College Groves

4. Hornpipes

  • The Wexford Hornpipe
  • Murphy's

5. Jigs

6. Jigs

  • Up and about in the Morning
  • Old Man Dillon

7. Reel & Highland

  • The Dublin Lasses
  • John Doherty's

8. Air

  • Blind Mary

9. Hornpipes

  • Kilcooley Woods
  • The First of May

10. Air / Lament

  • Lament for Staker Wallace

11. Jigs

  • Kitty's Rambles
  • Frahers

12. Jigs

  • Trip to Bantry
  • The Coming of Spring

Archive Recordings

13. Marches - (recorded 1957)

  • O' Donnell Abu
  • The Boys of Wexford

14. Hornpipe - (recorded 1957)

  • The Liverpool Hornpipe

15. Set piece - (recorded 1957)

  • The Orange Rogue

16 Polkas - (recorded 1957)

Freedom for Ireland Polka set

17 Air - (Recorded 1969)

  • An raibh tú ag an gCarraig?

18 Air - (recorded 1969)

  • The Coolin / Coulin



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