Maire O'Keeffe

An Coisir (House Party)

This is Irish fiddler Maire (pronounced Maura) O'Keeffe's first solo release. Produced and recorded in Cape Breton, this CD showcases Maire's sweet and lively fiddling. It includes a driving duet with Jerry Holland, a gorgeous arrangement of Charlie Lennon's Dance of the Honey Bees, as well as Otis Tomas' popular Waltz, The New Land and a delightful duet with Tommy Basker on harmonica. Maire is also joined by her sister Siobhan on flute for a set of slides.


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Originally from Tralee, now resident of Galway, Maire O'Keeffe is well known as both a performer and teacher of traditional music. She has a diverse repertoire. Maire can also be heard on Jackie Daly's CD, Many's a Wild Night.
  • Accompaiment:
  • Ryan MacNeil piano
  • Paul MacDonald: guitar

Guest musicians include Jerry Holland, Siobhan O'Keeffe, Otis Tomas and Tommy Basker

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