Puirt a Baroque

Featuring the wonderful fiddling of David Greenberg. Puirt a Baroque (poorst-a-ba-roke) is an ensemble that brings a new and delightful perspective to both Baroque and Scottish-Cape Breton musics. Daivid is one of the only violinists in the world who convincingly "goes both ways". Many of you will recognize him as a lead violinist for Tafelmusik or as the co-author of The Dungreen Collection (Traditional Celtic Violin Music of Cape Breton), a collaboration with his wife, Kate Dunlay). Marquis Classics.

 Kinloch's Fantasy is their 2nd CD. All instrumental selections, this recording received rave reviews from both classical and traditional enthusiasts.


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Welcome Owen Diack (David Greenberg)


Sandy is My Darling


The Graveyard of the Gulf

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Kinloch's Fantasy (Puirt a Baroque, 1997)  


1 Bonnocks of Beer Meal 2:45
air with variations (trad, arr. William McGibbon)

  • Lilac Slips 5:26
  • The Lilac, from Airs for the Seasons (James Oswald)

2 Languido: Largo 2:20

3 Brilliante 3:06

  • Giga: Brilliante;
  • The Old Dutch Churn slip-jig (traditional);
  • Joan Beaton's Jig slip-jig (Donald Angus Beaton)


4 When She Came Ben 3:18

  • When She Came Ben She Bob ... air (trad, arr. William McGibbon);
  • Lady Wallace's Reel (Robert Mackintosh)


5 Loch Ness 2:57


6 Cape Breton Compliments 5:43

  • Compliments to David Greenberg march (Joan MacDonald Boes);
  • Lord Alexander Gordon's strathspey (William Marshall);
  • Doug MacPhee's Favourite strathspey (John Campbell);
  • Miss Robertson reel (Robert Mackintosh);
  • Welcome Owen Diack reel (David Greenberg)


7 MacMinuets 3:33

  • Lady Jean Lindsay's Minuet (Daniel Dow);
  • Minuetto (Robert Mackintosh); Lady Jean Lindsay's Minuet&emdash;reprise (Dow)
  • The Thistle 4:55
  • from Airs for the Seasons (James Oswald)


8 Pastoralle: Andantino 1:57


9 Brilliante 2:58

  • Amoroso: Andante
  • Brilliante&emdash;reprise


10 Black Jock 5:30

  • jig with variations (traditional)
  • Macklean Sonata I (Charles Macklean) 6:15


11 Largo 1:09

12 Allegro 1:55

13 Adagio 1:15

14 Giga: Allegro 1:52

15 Callam 5:29

  • Callam Shiarghlas marching air (traditional);
  • Miss L. Johnston (of Hilton's) Favourite Quick Step jig (Robert Mackintosh);
  • Miss Grace Hay's Delight jig (traditional);
  • Hoop Her and Gird Her jig (traditional);
  • Miss L. Johnston jig&emdash;reprise (Mackintosh)


The Graveyard of the Gulf 4:36

16 The Storm (improvised by T. McKenna and D. Sandall); 1:03

17 The Graveyard of the Gulf (St. Paul Island) lament (Paul Stewart Cranford) 3:33


Kinloch's Fantasy (Among the Cottonwoods) 6:43

18 Kinloche His Fantassie (William Kinloch) 4:00

19 Cottonwood Reel (traditional); A Duncan MacQuarrie Reel (traditional) 2:43


20 Dumbarton's Drums 4:49

  • Dumbarton's Drums air (trad., arr. Francesco Barsanti);
  • Lieutenant Howard Douglas strathspey (Robert Mackintosh);
  • The Forest of Ga-ick strathspey (William Marshall);
  • Miss Stewart of Garth reel (Duncan McKercher);
  • Lady Georgina Gordon's Reel (Mackintosh)
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