Joe Peter MacLean
Back of Boisdale

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This is Joe Peter MacLean's (1945-2013) only recording. Brought up in a Gaelic speaking household he was the last person in Cape Breton who was not educated in an English speaking school.

During childhood Joe Peter was surrounded by Gaelic singers, storytellers and fiddlers. The diverse repertoire on his CD reflects that upbring - from ancient song melodies to modern book tunes.

Piano - Janet Cameron & Gordon MacLean.

2nd fiddle Paul Wukitsch.

tune listing


Sound Clip

The Boisdale Reel - by Dan Hughie MacEachern


Briogis Lachlan - 18th century Scottish strathspey


Niel Gow's Strathspey - by Duncan MacIntyre


Alice Robertson


What Wad'na Fect for Charlie - strathspey


Lady Betty Hay (strathspey )

Tune Listing

1. i. Stumpie -- strathspey, ii. London Lasses, iii. The Red Mill (Dan Hughie MacEachern)--reels.

2. i. Mrs. Crawford --slow strathspey, ii. Fenella --marching air (Paul Cranford, SOCAN), iii. Jessie Smith -- strathspey, iv. Homeward Bound -- reel

3. i. There Cam' A Young Man, ii. The Hills Of Glen Orchy, iii.I Lost My Love, iv. I Won't Do The Work, v. The Trippers, vi The Rover's Return --jigs

4. i. The Warlochs (Robert Lowe), ii. Bog An Lochan. (strathspeys), iii. Prince Charlie's, iv Johnny Wilmot's Fiddles (Elmer Briand) - reels

5. i. My Father's March, ii. The Brae's of Marr, iii. Briogis Lachlan (Knit The Pocky) -- strathspeys, iv.The Lasses of Stewarton, v. Alice Robertson-- reels

6. Medley of Gaelic Songs

7. i. Lady Madelina Sinclair (Niel Gow), ii. Niel Gow's (Duncan MacIntyre) --strathspeys, iii.The Grey Old Lady of Raasay -pipe reel.

8. Dad's Second Jig

9. i. Lime Hill (Dan R. Macdonald, SOCAN), ii. Lady Betty Hay's (Daniel Dow), iii. Ca the Stirks -- strathspeys, iv.Father Francis Cameron's Reel (John Campbell), v. The Boisdale Reel (Dan Hughie MacEachern), vi. Miss Shepherd, (J. Scott Skinner) vii. John Of Badyendon -- reels

10 i. The Bobs of Fettercairn, ii. Munlochy Bridge -- strathspeys, iii. Lady Georgina Campbell reel.

11. i. Christie Campbell, ii. Anthony Murray --strathspeys, iii. Appin House, iv. The Bridge Of Bamore, v. Miss Wedderburn -- reels.

12. i. Miss Forbes Farewell To Banff (Isaac Cooper) -- march, ii. What Wad'na Fect for Charlie -- strathspey, iii. Traditional Reel

13. Dad's 2nd Jig

14. Cead Deireannach Nam Beann

15. i. The Highlanders Farewell To Ireland -- strathspey, ii. Muileann Dubh, iii. Hamish The Carpenter - reels.

16. i. Charlie MacLean's Strathspey, ii. Cameron's Got His Wife Again - strathspey, iii. Homeward Bound , iv. General Stewart (aka Lady Muir MacKenzie), v. Jenny Dang The Weaver -- reels.

17. i. James Cameron's March (Jerry Holland, SOCAN), ii. Johnny Pringle (Wm. Marshall), iii. Money Musk (Daniel Dow) -- strathspeys, iv. Nigeann Donn, v. The Honeymoon, vi. The Dismissal Reel (Sandy MacLean) -- reels.

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