Jerry Holland and Doug MacPhee
---- Parlor Music ----

Many of the tunes can be found in Jerry's books: i. Jerry Holland's Collection of Fiddle Tunes 282 tunes
Jerry Holland:The Second Collection 322 tunes

Other available Jerry Holland CDs include

On Parlor Music we have relaxed older music played at home by two master musicians. This CD is a gem. A great variety of tunes (listed below) complement Jerry's books.

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All My Friends (GIF)


Pipe Major Donald MacLean Lewis Donald MacLeod - GIF)


Pretty Maggie Morrissey GIF


Celtic Ceilidh (Dan R. MacDonald)


Spey in Spate (J. Scott Skinner)


Mary Gray 18th century strathspey


Old Style Strathspey (from Mary MacDonald) GIF


The Waking of the Fauld 18th century strathspey


Tom Marsh (Vincent MacGillivray) GIF


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Jerry Holland - violin - Doug MacPhee - piano

Track listing

1. MacKenzie Hay, Kirrie Kebbuck, Spey in Spate (strathspeys & reel by J. Scott Skinner).

2. Mary Claire (Jerry Holland, SOCAN), Clear the Track, Napoleon Hornpipe, Tom Marsh (Vincent MacGillivray)

3. Mrs. MacDouwal Grant, Dr, Keith Aberdeen (J. Scott Skinner), Highlands of Banffshire (Simon Fraser), Mrs. Gordon of Knockspoch (William Marshall), Reel Du Vétérinaire, Dan Galbey's (3 strathspeys and 3 reels)

4. Mrs. Norman MacKeigan (Dan R. MacDonald, SOCAN), Tom Steele, The Boy's of the Loch (reels)

5. Pretty Maggie Morrisey, Dunphy's Hornpipe, Sally Gardens, King of the Clans (hornpipes and reels)

6. All My Friends (Jerry Holland, SOCAN), Joey Beaton's Reel (Jerry Holland, SOCAN), Golden Locks (Simon Fraser)

7. The Pattern Day, The Panelmine Jig (John Campbell), The Wedding Jig (Dan R. MacDonald, SOCAN), Teviot Bridge, Stool of Repentance

8. Tom Dey (J. Scott Skinner), Old Style Strathspey as played by Mary MacDonald, Sandy Cameron (J. Scott Skinner), The Marchioness of Tullybardine,

9. Coilsfield House (Nathaniel Gow), Mary Grey (strathspey), Dave Normaway MacDonald's Wedding, Arthur Muise (2 reels by Jerry Holland, SOCAN).

10. The Waking of the Fauld, The Devil in the Kitchen (William Ross), The Grey Old Lady of Raasay, Miss Charlotte Alston Stewart's, Sandy Cameron's (reel), Put Me in the Big Chest (2 strathspeys and reels)

11. Pipe Major Donald MacLean of Lewis (Donald MacLeod) I Won't Do the Work

12. Mrs. Crawford (Robert Petrie), O'er the Moor Among the Heather, Sir Archibald Dunbar, Kiss the Lass You Love Best, The Darling of the Uist Lasses, Sir David Davidson of Cantry (Joseph Lowe), Celtic Ceilidh (Dan R. MacDonald, SOCAN)

13. Kathleen's Jig (Dan Hughe MacEachern, SOCAN), The Royal Circus, Miss Carmichael (William Shepherd)

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