Ian MacDougall
From Foot Cape


This is the debut recording of Ian MacDougall, an up-and-coming dance fiddler from Foot Cape, Inverness County. He is accompanied by his good friend Mac Morin on piano. Most of the music was recorded at a house party. The playing is lively, the repertoire mainly older-style Scottish strathspeys and reels.

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Taste of Gaelic, The Waterfall


The Balkan Hills

Foot Cape (Gordon MacQuarrie)


Anthony's Hill, Kimberly Ann's


Track 1

  • Moving to Belle Côte (Jerry Holland - Jerry Holland Collection)
  • Strathlorne Jig (Neil Archie Beaton)
  • Irish Jig

Track 2

  • The Balkan Hills
  • Trad Strathspey
  • A Taste of Gaelic (Holland 2nd)
  • The Waterfall

Track 3

  • The Hon.Lady Fraser of Lovat (Robert Petrie)
  • The Haughs of Cromdale (DungGreen)
  • Angus Ronald Beaton's (Donald Angus Beaton)
  • The Drummer (Skye)
  • Little Donald's Wife (Skye)
  • Col. McBain's Fancy (Dungreen)

Track 4

  • Heavy is My Fate (aka This Gloom on My Soul... Fraser Collection)

Track 5

  • The Unfortunate Rake (O'Neill's, Ryan's Mammoth)
  • Anthony's Hill (Ian MacDougall)
  • Kimberly Ann's (Ian MacDougall)
  • The Golden Keyboard (aka. Contentment is Wealth ... O'Neills)

Track 6

  • Space Available (Marcel Doucet - The Cape Breton Fiddler)
  • Princess Royal (Dungreen)
  • Beautiful Swanee River (Winston book - Harry Carleton)
  • Torry Burn (Skye)
  • The Stack of Barley (Allan's Irish Fiddler)

Track 7

  • The Waking of Fauld (Holland 2nd)
  • Mary MacDonald Strathspey (Dungreen - revised edition, 2004)
  • Traditional reel (the Cape Breton Fiddler)
  • John Morrison (Fitzgerald Collection)

Track 8

  • The Battle of The Somme
  • Miss Sally Hunter of Thurston's (Nathaniel Gow)
  • Miss Campbell (Jerry Holland Collection)
  • Barney O'Neill ( O'Neill Collection)

Track 9 - Raised Bass set

  • The Duke of Fifes Welcome to Deeside (Skinner - Scottish violinist)
  • Christy Campbell (DunGreen)
  • Anthony Murray (DunGreen)
  • Bridge of Bamore (DunGreen)
  • Tramper Down (DunGreen)
  • Arrochar Bridge (DunGreen)


Track 10 - Jigs in F

  • Winnifred Foley (trad - Jerry Holland Collection)
  • Francis Bert MacDonald (Elmer Briand - Jerry Holland Collection)
  • Light and Airy

Track 11 Hornpipes and Reels

  • Foot Cape (Gordon MacQuarrie)
  • Upper Denton (Holland 2nd)
  • Sydney Bar (Rory MacDonald)
  • Homeward Bound

Track 12 - Pipe Jigs

  • Black Donald the Piper (The Pibroch of Donald Dhu)
  • Sailor Don's Jig (1:31 - 2:03) (Holland 2nd)
  • 100 Piper's

Track 13 - Strathspeys and Reels in G

  • Dunie Main (Skye)
  • Munlochy Bridge (Holland 2nd)
  • Trad Reel
  • Col. MacBean (S kye)
  • Biogan Seambo (aka The Pirriwig - Fraser)

Track 14 Grand Etang (CB Magazine)

  • The Mille of Newe - Alexander Walker (Fitzgerald & Walker)
  • Charlie's Brother (Dungreen)
  • Mrs. J. Forbes - Alexander Walker (Fitzgerald & Walker)

As a Thoisach (aka Keep it Up - Skye and Fraser)

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