Howie MacDonald - Live

Howie, Dave & Mac 

Howie is one of the most popular fiddlers active in contemporay Cape Breton. This recording gives a realistic snapshot of the tempos and repertoire you might hear at a lively dance.

Selected MP3 sound clips, midi & /or Standard Notation

a. Loch of Lumgair, b. La Double Inconstance - Bb jigs 2 (one mp3 two tunes)

a. Miss Ogilvy of Isla Banks, b. Scotty Fitzgerald's Jig - A jigs (one mp3 two tunes)

Tom Rae's (Dan R. MacDonald) - Am reel (mp3)

Jerry Holland's 50th Birthday F reel (GIF & mp3)

Mill Hill (J. Scott Skinner) - A strathspey (mp3)

Castle Garden - G jig (mp3)

Glenncottage (J. Scott Skinner) - Bb strathspey (mp3)

Penicook Hornpipe - G Reel (mp3)

Joel Chiasson (Howie MacDonald) - F reel (mp3)

Sutherland's - (Howie MacDonald) - G reel (mp3)

ABC file (contains 13 tunes from this CD)

Other Recordings | Music Notation and abc samples

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