A Tribute to Dan R MacDonald

21 Cape Bretoners playing tunes from The Heather Hill Collection.
Recording in 1989 as a companion to the Heather Hill book,
this is the only place you'll hear many of these tunes.

Free as part of the
The Heather Hill Collection / cassette bundle $19.95

With the exception of one cut of solo piping all of this music is performed on unaccompanied violin.

Sound Clips
  1. * Harry Harper *
    hornpipe performed by David Greenberg
  2. * The Judique Hall * .. F jig performed performed by David Greenberg
  3. * Campbell's Road *
    jig performed by Hector MacKenzie
  4. * Shepherd O' the Hills * an E minor reel performed by Alex Francis MacKay
  5. * Walker's Cove * a strathspey performed by Alex Francis MacKay

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Another book, featuring different compositons from Dan R is:

The Trip to Windsor Collection
The Music of Dan R MacDonald Volume 2.

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