More Tunes fromThe Lighthouse
Paul Cranford and Mario Colosimo

All of the 113 tunes on this CD found in The Lighthouse Collection

NOTE: Although all tunes are found in the Lighthouse Collection Paul's first CD, The Lighthouse, contains totally different repertoire.

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Released in July 2010, this album of 34 medleys consists entirely of music first published in The Lighthouse Collection. The style is traditional and although original, most of the melodies could be mistaken for older music from Cape Breton, Scotland or Ireland.

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The package contains two CDs a 24 page photo laden booklet detailing the stories behind the tunes. this release is available separately or together with The Lighthouse Collection. (choice of different book-CD sets, or a complete Lighthouse bundle).

All of the tunes are posted below as both standard notation (from the book) and as mp3s (sound clips from the recording). Tune listing

  • fiddle: Paul Cranford
  • piano, guitar & Mando Cello: Mario Colosimo

2 CDs online special - $18.00

or The Lighthouse Collection (various book CD bundles)

More Tunes from The Lighthouse

Disc 1

1. March, strathspeys, and reels in D

Aine | Mildred Leadbeater | Farmer's Hall | Cameron's Return |Paint the Paint

2. Jigs in G

Paul Cranfords Jig | The Basker Family | Carlas Wedding | Frogmore Lodge

3. Reels in D, E, minor and G

The First Week in July | Memories of Chris Langan | Joannie Madden's

4. Slow air and reels in B

A Walk Through the Ruins | The Whitewater | Visiting Dignitaries

5. Jigs in E minor

Spring Breakup | Puffin Surgeon | Maudie on the Hill

6. Reels in E minor

Johnny Beaton / John Doozer / The Ashmead / Surprise Shift

7. Medley in A major

Pine Duck Chapel / Jim Scott's / The Ferguson Light / Tommy Kelly's Hideaway / Giggles from the Bear

8. Jigs in F

Kilt and The Gauntlet / Mother and Son

9. Clog and reels in F

Hector Angus Chan / Zac's Birthday / Rendezvous with Mallinson

10. Slow air and slip jigs in D

The Bottomless Cup / Neil Martin / Proud Nona

11. Mario's Piano Solo

The Graveyard of the Gulf

12. Tin Whistle jigs

The Lighthousekeeper's Jig / One for Dan Hughie

13. Strathspey and reels in D

North Wind / Johnny Wilmot's Reel / Doug MacPhee's Welcome to Maloney's Creek / Barna Norton

14. Jigs in D

Farewell to Swish / The Juggler / Caution to the Wind

15. Reels in G and E minor

Lombard's Lilt / Máire's Welcome / The Seal Island Fiddle / Tommy Basker's Reel (by Johnny Wilmot)

16. Strathspey and reels in B minor

The Twice a Year Fiddler / From Buncrana to Cape Breton / Wukitsch of Shenacadie

17. 'Raised Bass' jigs

Helene's Clam Chowder / Jacqueline's Jig / Val Boudreau.

Disc 2

1. Slow air, march, and reel in C

Theresa Morrison (slow air) / Dog on a Lace (march) / The Slip Reel (3/2 reel)

2. Strathspey and reels in A minor

Shelter from the Storm (strathspey) / Maybelle's Explanation (reel) / The Goose with an Attitude (reel)

3. Hornpipes in D and G

Waiting for the Wind / Éanna's Hornpipe /South Harbour

4. Strathspey and reels in E flat and C minor

Missing Keys (strathspey) / Just Cook Enough for Yourself (reel) /Tiny Script (reel)

5. Jigs in D minor and D

Return to Loch Rea / A Teaspoon of Gunpowder (by Johnny Wilmot) /The Invisible Immigrant / Tully's

6. Reels in E minor and E major

The Malodorous Dog (by Otis Tomas) / Water Colours / Between Sets

7. Jigs in F and C

Maguire in Disguise / Christmas at the Lighthouse / Sanford MacLellan (by Johnny Wilmot)

8. Air, strathspey and reels in F

Simon MacKenzie (air) / Friends at the Bridge (strathspey) / Eastern Passage (reel) / Eamon Coyne (reel)

9. 'Raised Bass' strathspeys & reels

Columba (strathspey) / The MacKay Point MacLeans (strathspey) / Razorbill Rant (reel.) / Joe MacLean &endash; Mackay Point

10. Reels in D

The Quandary/ Daybreak Near Miltown / It's an Orchard You Need

11. G minor set

Charlie Stone's Rattle (jig) / Alexa Morrison (jig) / Glendale's Gentle Man (reel) / Bleecker Street (reel)

12. Jigs in A

Snookered / The Paulus / The Bear in the Cage

13. Reels in D

Annie May's Kitchen / Allan Bradbury / Jackie's Recovery

14. Bb flat strathspey and reels

John Donald's Strathspey / The Five Dollar Fiddle / The DunGreen

15. D minor reels

New Harbour / Maire's Return / Liam Lewis

16. Waltz and reels in A minor

Generous Gesture (waltz) / Lisa Giles (reel) / The Slippery Eel (3/2 reel by Otis Tomas)

17. Lament, march, strathspey, and reels

Stella's Courage (lament or waltz ) / Julie and the Geese (march) Helen Cowan (strathspey) /Sparky's Reel (reel, by Paul M. MacDonald) / Big Mitts, Small Places (reel)

2 CDs online special - $18.00

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