Joe and J.P. Cormier
Velvet Arm, Golden Hand

Joe Cormier Velvet Arm, Golden Hand


Both Joe Cormier and his nephew J.P. Cormier are wonderful musicians. Velvet Arm, Golden Hand is an album of classic Cape Breton repertoire played as solos and duets.

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Miss Lousia Duff


Miss Grant of Laggan


Dan Cormier (Brenda Stubbert) The MacDonald March (reel)



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Track 1.

The first can be found in Jerry Holland's Collection, the second in Winton Fitzgerald's and the third in Ryan's Mammoth (The Traveler in O'Neill's)

Track 2.

The first is from Skinner's, Harp and Claymore (later republished in The Scottish Violinist ). The second is a Simon Fraser composition. The last two come from Ryan's Mammoth

Track 3.

The jigs were first recorded together on a Winston Fitzgerald 78. The Chorus is found in both the Skye and Fitzgerald books. In Irish circles it is known as The Kilfenora. Originally from 18th century Scotland, The Sailor's Wife is found in Jerry Holland's Collection of Fiddle Tunes.

Track 4.

Track 5.

The first two are reputedly Angus Chisholm compositions , though the 2nd has never been confirmed as one of his originals.

Track 6.

Track 7.

All classic Scottish tunes.

Track 8.

Two tunes from The Trip to Windsor Collection

Track 9.

More classic Winston tunes.

Track 10.

Track 11

All favorites of Winston Fitzgerald, the first two are often associated with the playing of Hector MacAndrew.

Track 12.

Track 13.

Slow Air

Track 14

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