from Michael Anthony MacLean, Good Boy M.A.

The Miramichi Fire commemorates a catastrophe which occurred in northern New Brunswick in 1825. It is a widespread, older Acadian tune which could easily have been composed at the time of the fire. Michael Anthony MacLean learned as above one evening during the 1930s when two Acadian New Brunswick fishermen tied up to the Government Wharf at MacKay's Point, Victoria County, Cape Breton. One of them had a fiddle, an evening of entertainment ensued, and Michael learned the tune from them.

In recent years this reel has adopted a Cape Breton name, Willie D's Favourite from Margaree fiddler Cameron Chisholm who had learned it from the lilting of his father, Willie D. (brother of Angus Chisholm). Willie D. had worked in both New Brunswick and Quebec and likely picked the tune up in his travels. That setting is a little different and is found in Brenda Stubbert: The 2nd Collection

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